The Mommy Stylist Mission

By Kristin Hull

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Me with my sister, Karen (right), the inspiration for this site.

The idea for this blog began when my sister, Karen, mother of two, started asking me, a stylist, for fashion advice. After suggesting a pair of 5″ heels and a necklace made of multiple intertwined chains she reminded me that a mom’s clothes have to be functional, very functional. Being fashionable is probably the last requirement on the mommy clothing list – but it shouldn’t be. Because even though raising a child is infinitely more important, fashion matters more than you think. It affects how a woman feels about herself which, in the end, affects how she acts toward others, especially those she loves. (You know it’s true.) Plus, a mom’s body has gone through a plethora of changes and instead of feeling horrible about it by trying to squeeze into her pre-pregnancy clothes, she can learn to work with her new shape and strategically cover up that gut or those thighs. I know, you’re saying you don’t have money to get new clothes or time to peruse fashion magazines so that’s why I’m here. Let me help you be the hot mom you really are! I know what you need – functional clothing that is fashionable and will cost practically nothing, as well as tips on how to look your best quickly and easily. Lastly, you also have no time for yourself – none, nil, nada so these posts have to be quick reads that contain helpful information without any fluff. I get it.

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  1. OMG!! I love it!!! So smart and neccessary– did you know I’ve been working in a call center for almost a year… Yeah the MOM JEANS are like sharks circling me all day! Awesome concept!

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