What to Wear: Kid’s Outdoor Sports Event (Autumn)

By Kristin Hull

Altogether, this outfit would cost around $270 but for nine items that’s really not bad.  And if you consider that each piece is incredibly versatile and can be paired with a number of things that are already in your closet, you’ll realize it’s a great a deal. Wear them all at once and you’ll be that mom – the one all the other moms envy. The one that makes them wonder how a busy mom is able to look so put together. However, if you can’t squeeze that much out of your budget then just get a couple of key pieces. The scarf and the hat will provide the most fashion bang for the buck as they can both be worn over and over with various outfits. The hat will keep you looking good despite drizzling rain or humidity (plus, you won’t have to do your hair when you wear it!) and the scarf will add a pop of color which always looks stylish.

*Guess what? I just got back from Target and found these sneakers there. The material is a little more flimsy than the ones sold at the Converse store but, pfft, I don’t care. They look almost exactly the same. I also wanted to mention that they had them in the woman’s section and the kid’s section. In the woman’s section they were on sale for $29.99 and in the kid’s, $19.99 so I decided to see if a big pair of kid’s fit me. The largest I could find was a 6 but it was HUGE. (I normally wear a woman’s 6.5.) So I tried a 5 and it was still too big. I ended up with a size 4. So, lesson learned here: If you like these shoes run out to get them at Target and be sure to try on the largest pair of the kid’s size that you can find. They may just fit and you’ll save yourself $10 to use on something more expensive later. Wink, wink.

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8 thoughts on “What to Wear: Kid’s Outdoor Sports Event (Autumn)

  1. I love the fact that this can go from a Business Casual work day straight to the field and be stylish in both!

  2. So my little one is still way too small to run around playing soccer or any other sport at the moment, we’re working on actual baby steps here. Very cute outfit though. I keep debating on getting a pair of Converse shoes…there are only so many weekends I can pull off the sneakers. I may have to go get a pair anyways!

    1. Get the CONVERSE SHOES!! I bought a pair at Target and I LOVE them. i wear them everywhere. Even with a sweatshirt and jeans I at least feel somewhat stylish (instead of wearing my old grubby running shoes). I got the ones without the laces in a cool berry color and I’ve had tons of comments on them. Also, if you go to the boys section, their Converse shoes are less expensive. Buy two sizes smaller than your shoe (i.e., if you wear an 8, get a boy’s 6).

  3. So super cute! I kind of want to run out and buy this entire outfit! I’m not used to getting to dress casual, so I have a whole closet of maternity clothes and professional clothes… and just wear yoga pants everyday! Thanks for the fashion help!

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