TMS Incredible Finds – Hurry, Or They’ll Be Gone!

By Kristin Hull

While perusing sites to find pieces for my next outfit for you – what to wear to a PTA meeting (or really, any adult-only school event) – I found some amazing dresses at incredibly low prices. They won’t work for the PTA meeting but they may work for something else and they are on super clearance so you’d better jump on them immediately. Plus, the site I found them on, ASOS, offers FREE shipping and, even better, FREE RETURNS. To be a hot mommy, it’s important to buy deals when you see them. It will save you time and money in the end. Otherwise, an occasion will come up that you need, in this case, a dress for and you’ll have to spend time (time you don’t have) running around town looking for something cute at the last minute and because of that you’ll spend too much on something that probably won’t be even close to as cute as these:

I’m getting this one for myself in orange. It’s only $36! I love the nude color but you have to have some color in your skin to wear it and, alas, I  don’t.

This cuuuute dress will hide your gut (don’t feel bad, I have one too and I haven’t even had a baby). If you’re large-chested skip this one. The thick horizontal stripes on the bodice will make you look even bigger. However, if you are small-chested, go for it! And spend just $34.

If you’re plus-sized try this pretty frock. The belt isn’t included so run to Target and get your own. You MUST wear a belt with this to look fashionable. If you’re large-chested get a skinny belt, or at least nothing over 3″ thick. And belts must always be worn tight. If they hang loosely it will look worse than wearing none at all. It’s $29.

This dress is pretty short so unless you are going out on the town I’d suggest wearing it with skinny jeans or leggings. But it’s super stylish and inexpensive – just $32.

There aren’t many of this dress left, probably because it is so versatile and easy to wear. $43

All of these dresses can be worn for various occasions, even to the office. The  accessories will determine whether you are dressing it up or down. Wear some cute flats or wedges for a more casual look or some heels to spice it up for night time.

If any of these links don’t work it’s because the dress has sold out.

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