What I’m Wearing Today: The PTA Meeting Outfit

By Kristin HUll
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I realized as I was walking out the door this morning that the outfit I am wearing today is really close to the one I put together for the PTA meeting post. So I thought I’d snap a pic and show it to you to illustrate how it all looks on a human body.  I know my shoes are probably too crazy for a mom but hey, I’m a stylist. I need to wear crazy things once in a while. Oh, and my whole outfit was really inexpensive. I got the Gap dress at a local resale boutique for $10. My earrings were a gift. The faux-snakeskin belt is from Target. Can’t remember what I paid but clearly, not much. The bracelet is oooold so I can’t remember the price or where I got it but I know it wasn’t expensive. The silver flower ring (that you can’t really see) was $10 at an art show. And my shoes are from Bakers. I believe they were $75 last year when I got them.

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