Stylist’s Secret: Hats (Yes, you can!)

By Kristin Hull

If you’re going to be a stylish mom you must get over your fear of hats. One of the easiest ways to instantly add panache to even the most ordinary outfit is with a hat. But not just any hat. It has to be a fashionable hat (see photos above). And there is one hat that is almost always a no-no – a baseball cap. If you have to wear one to support your kid’s team then at least wear it stylishly. Don’t put your ponytail through the hole in the back. Wear a low ponytail (like this) or simply let your hair hang down (like this). Don’t tuck it behind your ears. (In fact, don’t tuck your hair behind your hears when wearing any hat.) You can even try pony tails or braids like this. Now, hat placement. Unless you want to look like Debbie Gibson circa 1984, don’t wear hats on the back of your head (the only exception is the beanie which is sometimes called a beret). Most should be worn covering the forehead, especially fedoras. Vanessa Minillo wears it correctly in this photo. For cold weather, try this style (worn by Paris Hilton). If the thought of wearing a hat scares you, why not start with a military or newsboy cap in black or brown? Then, once you get more comfortable you can move on to a fedora or cloche.

And the biggest bonus of wearing hats? You don’t need to do your hair – a major time-saver for moms. Who doesn’t want to save time and look good?

NOTE: Most of the hats shown are available in various colors so if you don’t like the color here, click the link to see alternatives.

(Starting with top row from left to right)

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