Feel Sexy Again: Get an Exclusive Discount on Gorgeous Lingerie (Including Nursing Bras) at Belabumbum

By Kristin Hull

budget shopping, mom fashion, clothes for moms, mom stylist, style for moms, If you’ve never heard of Belabumbum, you need to check it out pronto. Started by two college friends in 2001, the lingerie line is known for its “bold color choices, comfortable fabrics, and luscious laces.” Their collection offers pretty lingerie (including nursing bras) as well as snugly lounge wear and prices are very reasonable.

As a mom, when was the last time you made yourself feel sexy and attractive with some pretty undergarments? Can’t remember? Well, it’s about time. And your size doesn’t matter. Even if you are bigger than you want to be, a pretty bra or panty will still make you feel better than that old, dingy underwear does. Right? Right. Taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your family and Belabumbum knows that – so they are offering a special discount for Mommy Stylist readers. From now until October 7, 2011, enter Mommystylist at checkout and get 10% off your purchase. Come on, you deserve it!

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0 thoughts on “Feel Sexy Again: Get an Exclusive Discount on Gorgeous Lingerie (Including Nursing Bras) at Belabumbum

  1. Even though I have preschoolers, my oldest is graduating this year, perhaps this blog is too young for me. Wish I had it years ago!

    1. Molly, most of the things on this blog will work for moms of all ages and with kids of all ages. Belabumbum has lingerie for everyone, not just nursing moms. If you look at all of the other posts you’ll see that the outifts and tips are universal. If there’s something else you’d like to see on this blog please let me know! My goal is to help moms and I can’t do that unless you guys tell me what you want to see.

  2. Hi Molly!

    Belabumbum is committed to keeping you feeling pampered and comfortable at every stage: belly, boudoir, and beyond. We have a super comfy line of lounge wear that women love long after baby. Even my 75 yr old mom is a fan:) (i know the lingerie photo is a bit deceiving)

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