Fall Essentials: Rain Gear

By Kristin Hull

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There are lots of great raincoats out there but both of these will suit moms particularly well. They are casual enough to wear on the soccer field yet dressy enough for a business lunch. And because they’re black they’ll go with anything (the reversible one is great for when you want some color). The one that ties at the waist will flatter hourglass figures best. (By the way, hourglass doesn’t necessarily have to mean uber-skinny. Even if you carry some extra weight, hourglass figures usually still have a waist that is smaller than the hips and tummy – and you should always try to emphasize that as it will make you appear slimmer.) While both coats are over $100, they are worth the investment. You can wear them over and over for years to come and always look fab.

Rain boots come in many fun, bright colors but if you’re looking for something you can throw on at the last minute and have it work with whatever you’re wearing a neutral is the way to go. Black and grey are best but brown works too. If you need boots that are wide on the calf try these ($50).

And lets not forget accessories. Here’s where you can throw in some color. I was thrilled to find that bubble umbrellas are back. They’re perfect to fit the kids under and they’ll keep everyone dry (at least on top) when the autumn wind is making the rain come at you sideways.

  • Reversible Red/Black Norm Thompson Swing-Style Raincoat ($170, Norm Thompson) – This coat also comes in petite and plus sizes.

  • Fenchurch Raincoat ($140, Yoox)

  • Jolt Jeggings ($42, Nordstrom – free shipping both ways) – Yes, you can wear skinny jeans. You just have to make sure to wear a long top with them (that means a top that covers your butt and uh, crotch, completely). Skinny jeans or leggings must be worn with any boots that go above the ankle. It is imperative that they are tight on the leg so they don’t bunch up. I have three pairs of these (blue, grey and black) and I wear them ALL THE TIME. You will too. The waistband is high enough to cover your gut but not so high that you’re wearing “mom jeans.”

Boots (from left to right):

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