Let Me Know What You Think About The Mommy Stylist

By Kristin Hull

Help me help you! Let me know how you feel about the price points I’ve been using in my posts. It will take one second. Just do it! Thanks!

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0 thoughts on “Let Me Know What You Think About The Mommy Stylist

  1. Kristin,

    I’m not a mother, but I still love the ideas, learning how to put items together, not being afraid to buy that one piece and maybe wearing a hat! Thanks for all the great ideas.


  2. Love the spontinatity of your responses. The price points are within my budget. I like the daily information and connecting with other moms with the same concerns.

    Is it possible to also get some money saving tips on decorating. We need that too. How abut a tip a day for out homes? A mommy home stylist?

    Thanks, Kristin

  3. I like how your suggested items hit different price points. Makes it helpful. Some items I would spend a little more on and others, I’m ok with a Target store price!

  4. LOVE it! Love everything about it and discuss it with other mommy friends.

    I would love to know more about jeans – what is best for each body type? I struggle with this constantly.

    Also – accessorizing – I feel like if I don’t have a specific outfit in mind, I can’t buy any. What are some fun pieces that can go with everything? I like to wear a basic and dress it up this way, but tend to wear the same accessories or none at all.

    Shoes – I cannot and will not EVER wear tennis shoes, but I need a flat shoe/boot that I can pair with a tee or a dressy top, suggestions?

    Hair – any ideas for us grease-balls who have to wash everyday, but don’t always have the time?

    Coats – I can’t do a hoodie, but need something fun and not too dressy.

    LOVE everything so far! Please keep posting!

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