The Mommy Stylist Pinterest Page is Here

By Kristin Hull

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The Mommy Stylist Inspiration page on Pinterest.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pinterest, it’s a site where you can basically make a collage (of sorts) of photos from anywhere on the internet. I started a page for TMS for myself so that I could keep track of all the things that inspire me to create cute outfits for moms. But then I thought it might be helpful to share them with my readers so you can get inspired too. I’ve also added pics of cute, quality pieces that would be great additions to a mom’s closet (with links so you can buy them).

Because you have no time to peruse fashion magazines and learn about current trends, our Pinterest page will keep you in the loop. Think of it as your own “mommy fashion magazine.” It won’t overwhelm you with a ton of info you don’t have the time to get through, but will give you the broad strokes (which is really all you need). Hope you like it! Check it out at

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  1. Love the ideas your wrote under each outfit. The details really provide the what and whys of what you selected! As much as I love that long dress, your advice is well taken…I am too short (5’1″)! I would look more like a bolt of fabric than a trendy mom!

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