Stylist’s Secret: Dry Shampoo

By Kristin Hull

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Because it’s on top of our head for all the world to see, hair is one of the most important parts of a person’s overall look. You can be wearing the greatest outfit in the world but if you have a bad haircut or color, or your locks are just a mess, no one will even notice your stylish duds. I always thought short hair would be easier to deal with and take up less time but I’ve found the opposite to be true (for me, at least). With a haircut above my shoulders I found that I HAD to “do it” every day. If I didn’t, it looked awful. Now that my hair is long, I can just throw it into a cute low side pony or braid or pull the sides up and clip them in the back and it looks decent.

Whatever length you choose, a good haircut is key. My husband, who is a hairdresser, says if you can’t afford to get your hair cut every six weeks or so by a seasoned stylist then at least get a good cut to start with and then head to a local hair school for trims. That way the students can follow the cut lines of the pro. Hair school cuts are super inexpensive, however, I have heard that they take a really long time (like a couple of hours) so weight out the pros and cons. It might be worth paying for a seasoned stylist rather than wasting precious time.

I know what you’re thinking now – what’s the point of having a good cut if you don’t have time to wash it and blow it out every day? Excellent question. Most moms barely have time to shower. Fear not. I have the answer – dry shampoo. It works wonders and can actually create fuller, more manageable locks. Most important though, it makes hair look squeaky clean. There are several different brands out there these days. I like both Batiste and Bumble and Bumble because they come in colors – red, brown, black, and white for blonde hair. Granted, if you use one of the dark ones and scratch your head you’ll see it on your fingers and some people complain that it gets on their pillow. But I’ve found it washes off, and out, very easily.  Spray it at least six inches from your head or you’ll get a huge glob in one place. Usually hair is only oily near the scalp so be sure to lift up the top layer or two to get to the roots underneath. You really won’t need a lot though. Also, be careful not to spray your part or you’ll look like you have a skin disease. There are a few brands that come with a built-in brush. Those work too but I think the sprays are easiest to use. Trust me, dry shampoo is going to be your new best friend.

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  1. Oh my lord. Dry Shampoo is the MOST wonderful stuff in the world. I keep it in my car and use it when I lose my keys and have to stay at someone else’s house.

  2. I swear by dry shampoo to get through the busiest of days. My two fav brands: Klorane and (shockingly) Suave. Both are white powders, but even with my dark hair, leave no traces of my secret.

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