What to Wear: Thanksgiving Day

By Kristin Hull

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(Top: $48; Necklace: $28; Belt: $18; Ring: $12; Purse: $78; Pants: $38)

What to wear on Thanksgiving is a tough one. You want it to be a special but comfortable, too. It must work for cooking as well as eating. You have to be able to sit on the floor and play a game with the kids, and also sit at the table looking fabulous. I created this outfit at the local Dallas boutique, Movida. (If you’re interested in any of these pieces, they ship anywhere in the U.S. for $7. Email lisa@movidaboutique.com.) The pants are stretchy and the shirt is loose so you can eat all the stuffing your heart desires and it won’t show. If you have a straight body, apple body or pear shape, you don’t need to wear a belt. The open shoulders give it just a little sex appeal and dress it up a bit making it perfect for a holiday. I’d love if you’d wear these wedges from Target with it but if that just isn’t your thing, try these patent black flats, also from Target.  The red feather necklace and bright bag add some color. A black and gold cocktail ring add some sass (and who doesn’t need a little sass during the holidays?) If you are uncomfortable showing your shoulders, or you live somewhere cold, add a cropped sweater, a cropped blazer or a cropped leather or suede jacket.

And don’t forget the apron! They don’t have to be frumpy either. Try this cute one.

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