Stylist’s Secret: Sock Bun (Or How To Look Adorable in No Time)

By Kristin Hull

Hey Moms! Check out this video I made at Avalon Salon in Dallas. (I thought a salon would be the appropriate place to show you how to do a  hairstyle.) This is the cutest, easiest hairstyle that anyone can do on the first try. If you think it’s not working just keep going. Every time I do it I think it’s not working but it always does. It doesn’t matter if you have curly hair or straight, bangs or no bangs. It looks adorable no matter what and works for any occasion from running errands to a black tie event. If you have any questions feel free to email me or post them in the comments. Good luck!

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12 thoughts on “Stylist’s Secret: Sock Bun (Or How To Look Adorable in No Time)

    1. A.Mazing. I am super pregnant and quick to get agitated. First try. It looked adorable. I will be wearing a sock bun in all new baby pictures. You can count on it. Love it!! Thanks!!

      1. Hey Kelly,

        Thanks for posting so other moms will know it’s really as easy as it looks. And glad you didn’t get agitated! Send me a picture if you get the chance.

        If anyone else out there tries it let us know what you think! And send a picture too!

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