What to Wear: To the Rink (or Anytime You Want to Look Hot in the Cold)

By Kristin Hull

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Wear all of this together or pick the pieces that work for you.

Sure, a beige or purple coat would have been fun to use for this outfit but I had to keep practicality in mind.  A casual, wear-it-all-winter coat that is light-colored will be filthy before – well, you know. Little shoes are going to get on it, you’ll  sit on dirty bleachers, rub it against the car when you’re scraping snow off the windshield, etc. So, with all that in mind I went with the basic, but always reliable, and always classy, black. Because moms don’t have a lot of money to spend on clothes for themselves said coat has to last a long time, match with all kinds of things (jeans, corduroys, khakis) and of course, be slimming. (We ALL

need help in that department when wearing a puffy coat.) And all the same goes for the boots. Where you can have some fun with color is with the accessories. You might be a little freaked out that I am mixing patterns here but it’s a big trend right now and really cute if done right.

Oh, one last thing – I didn’t include a purse because I can’t envision any kind of purse that will work with this outfit. So I suggest you utilize the pockets on the coat for your necessities and leave everything else at home. You’ll live without it for one night. If you absolutely have to have some kind of something to carry your things in try a messenger bag and wear it long and across your body. Stay warm!

(clockwise from top left)

BGSD Women’s Quilted Down Toggle Coat (now $100, reg. $380/Amazon): Love this coat for its long length, cinched-in waist, toggle buttons, knitting at the wrists and neck and plethora of pockets (perfect for a mom not carrying a purse). It got great reviews on Amazon too. Here’s another cute one for $110. This one for $159 has a lot of great features and details and looks good too.

DapperTie 2 in 1 Head and Neck Warmer($5/Amazon): Cinch the opening at the top and this neck warmer turns into a hat. I like it better as a neck warmer but do what works best for you.

Arizona Ruffle Front Shirt ($11/JC Penney)

Merona Ribbed Turtleneck (now $10, reg. $13/Target): If you need more warmth, wear this turtleneck under the plaid shirt.

Baffin Madison Boot (now $145, reg. $180): These might be a little pricey but you can’t skimp on keeping your feet warm. Plus, they don’t look like everyone else’s boots!

Volcom Pistol Courderoy Legging ($35/6pm): Yep, these are brown and they look fantastic with black. But if you feel that’s a little too crazy for you black pants or jeans will work just as well.

Coal Mittens ($25/Zappos – free shipping both ways): Too bright? Switch them out for a more muted or neutral color.

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    The Mommy Stylist has great practical style suggestions to keep moms looking good. Here’s what she styled to wear to the ice rink. Now, if she could only help out with some ideas for the dads . . .

  2. I broke the “white coat” rule and promptly spilled coffee all down the front of it while walking into the rink. Sigh… I love the options you have here. It’s tough to strike a balance between being warm and frumpy versus freezing cold and cute. One note on the coat – I had a long coat that I loved because it kept my…er…posterior warm when I had to sit on cold metal bleachers, but I found it cumbersome when I needed to do things like tie mite hockey skates or tape up a hockey stick. I opted for a winter jacket to have more movement and I keep a blanket in the car for sitting on. Of course…I also bought a white jacket, which speaks volumes for my questionable choices! 🙂

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