Accessorize Me: Lunch Outfit

By Kristin Hull

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Katie and her daughter, Neiman.

As I’ve been studying outfits on everyday people the one thing I see that most women are lacking is accessories. Most outfits only need a little bit of accessorizing to make them a lot more stylish. So, I thought it might be fun for you guys to send in photos of yourselves in an outfit and I can show you how to jazz it up. One of my best friend’s, Katie, helped me come up with this idea so I thought I’d use her for the first post.

In this photo, Katie has a great palette to start with. I love that her white shirt has some detail on it. That, with the long, drapey sweater definitely adds style. The accessories I’ve added will add some color, texture and interest. The necklaces are baby-safe (see details below). Choose one and wear it with the snakeskin belt. The belt should go in the belt loops of the jeans and then tuck in a little section of the shirt right above the buckle and let the rest of the shirt hang out. Alternately, try the pastel green and blue scarf with the belt (these patterns are ok to wear together). If you choose the brighter, striped scarf pair it with a solid grey belt. The rings and purse will go with everything. You can wear both rings at once (on the same or different fingers) if you’d like.

Pink Calcite Pendant and Jade Donut Shaped Pendant ($20 each/Smart Mom Jewelry): Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Now moms with little ones can wear fashionable jewelry without having to constantly remove it from their child’s mouth. These pendants are made of  “a food-safe, phthalate-free, federally-approved silicone” so that babies can safely put them in their mouths. They’re made from the same FDA-approved materials as teething toys and come with a breakaway clasp as an extra safety measure. Genius! There are a bunch of colors to choose from.

Leather Reminder Bow Ring ($38/By Boe) and Knotted Leather Ring ($19/By Boe): With a leather ring there’s no risk of scratching your baby!

Cool, Calm and Eclectic Scarf  ($20/Modcloth)

Xhilaration Pink Scarf ($15/Target)

Calvin Klein Skinny Patent and Python Reversible Belt (reg. $25, now $20/Calvin Klein)

Deux Lux Quilted Duffel ($50/American Eagle Outfitters)

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0 thoughts on “Accessorize Me: Lunch Outfit

  1. This is such a great idea! I love all of the outfits people post on Pinterest- and I noticed the other day that they really are just solid basic pieces and its the accessories that make them so chic! Can’t wait to see more of your suggestions! 🙂

  2. I really lack in the accessory department, but i am realizing that is just as important as the pants/top you wear! Keep the accessory ideas coming so you can keep reminding me!!

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