What I Got at Target Last Night (And What I Think You Should Get)

By Kristin Hull

mom fashion, mom style, mommy stylist, budget shopping, mom shopping, budget style, target, target for women, angelina jolie, wrist scarfWhat red-blooded American mom doesn’t like Target? I mean, diapers, clothes, shoes, toys, school supplies, home goods, hardware – basically all your errands in one place. If you’re like me you find yourself walking through those red doorways regularly. But, unlike me, you don’t have time to peruse the women’s clothing and accessories. Sure, you may glance at a pair of sunglasses and sigh, “Well, I don’t really need them,” as you stand in line but that’s as far as it goes. So, while I was there last night, doing my perusing, I found a lot of things that I thought would be helpful to moms. You can either order them online from the links below or check them out in person. You know you’re going to be at Target sometime in the next week. Take this post with you and go straight for these items without having to sift through everything else first to find them. Ok, enough talk. Let’s shop.

What I Got

Mossimo Small Status Square Scarf ($13): Thay had a bunch of different colored and patterned handkerchief scarves. I got this one to tie onto my purse for some style when I’m wearing an all solid-color outfit (or when I don’t have time to put a cute outfit together). You can also wear it around your neck like this, or on your wrist like this.

Merona Yellow Satchel ($30): As I’ve said before, you have to be careful with faux-leather purses. They can look cheap very easily. That’s why, when I find one that doesn’t, I have to tell you about it so you can pick one up. It doesn’t happen very often so when it does you should jump on it. Now, anyone can tell that this is a faux, however, faux is ok these days. You might be buying fake leather because you are a member of PETA, not because you’re on a budget. But regardless of the reason, if it looks expensive (or at least not cheap) then it’s ok. These come in a few different colors as well as white with tan trim so if yellow isn’t your thing there are other options.

What I Want (These are the things I would have gotten last night had my budget allowed)

Mossimo Supply Co. Ona Nude Ballet Flats ($15): I can’t find these online but they are in all the stores right now. You’d better get them fast because they are a huge trend for fall so they will go quickly. Check out Angelina Jolie in her’s here and here.

Mossimo Pearlie Chunky Heel Pump ($30): Love these for me and for moms because the color isn’t hooker red or boring black but right in the middle. Plum is always classy. You know there are times when you actually could wear a heel and don’t because the only heels you have are from the late nineties. Well, now you can change that. These will work  at the office, a dinner party, a wedding shower and everything in between. The thick heel is easy to stand on.

Merona Ultimate Long Sleeve Scoop Tee ($12): You’ll wear this all the time. It’s nice and long and the scoop neck is flattering (as opposed to a crewneck). Wear it with a red pencil skirt for work, and with jeans and a drapey sweater on Saturday.

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  1. haha! I was at Target yesterday and did a “run-by” of the womens section. I spotted some super-cute spring dresses that I’ll keep in mind for next time I’m there alone. I’ll have to look for that shirt…that does look comfy and versatile! 🙂 LOVE those shoes!! I’m so glad the chunky heel is in right now…the are so much easier to walk in! 🙂 And the color is gorgeous! 🙂

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