Slimming Swimsuits to Hide Your A** and Give You Sass

By Kristin Hull
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Finding a bathing suit is rarely fun unless you’re a teenager or have a model’s body (which most of us don’t). Bathing suits put us at our most vulnerable so it is the one time when shopping for your body type is most important. The suits above will help to cover lumps and bumps as the color black, busy patterns and ruching help hide flaws. As  you’ll notice, all of these are one-pieces. (I figure if you can wear a bikini you don’t need help finding a suit to hide imperfections.) I shy away from tankinis because I don’t understand them. You may as well just wear a one-piece. Tankini tops end right at our most flabby part, the tummy and hips, so a one piece can be much more sexy and flattering and will hold it all in. I know we all say we need more color in our wardrobes but this is not the time to experiment. Lastly, don’t be afraid to spend a little more  on a swimsuit. A quality bathing suit will make all the difference in the world fit-wise and should last you a few seasons.

(from top row, left to right)

Jantzen Black and White Floral Swimsuit ($106/Unique Vintage)

Polka-Dot Ruched Underwire Tank ($86-$88/J. Crew – free shipping both ways!) – This suit goes up to a D cup.

Marrakesh Paisley Bandeau Tank ($92-$94/J. Crew – free shipping both ways!) – This suit goes up to a D cup.

Kamali Kulture “Bill” Suit ($98/Kamali Kulture)

Garden Floral Ruched Bandeau Tank ($92/J. Crew – free shipping both ways!)

Roxy “Ditsy” Shirred One Piece Striped Swimsuit ($82/Roxy- free shipping both ways!) – The narrow diagonal lines on this suit are slimming.

“Jena” Miracle Suit ($150/Miracle Suit) – I have a Miracle Suit and they really do hold everything in. They’re made well so they should definitely last a few summers. I love this one because it’s sexy without being sleazy. It is definitely family-friendly. The diagonal pieces of fabric will define the waist and slim the entire body. (Note: I kept thinking about this suit all weekend and finally purchased it last night. It was just too perfect to pass up!)

La Vita Blue and Whilte Polka Dot “Sea Folly” One Piece ($141/The Orchid Boutique)

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  1. In defense of the tankini, its more comfortable to go to the restroom without pulling my entire one piece down 😉 but besides that…
    These are super cute, and perfect timing! Thanks 🙂

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