Mom to Mom: The Best Jeans Ever #2

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Photo courtesy of Jones New York.

By Lisa Miller

A few months after my daughter was born, I found I was spending all of my extra time and money on her. Selfless as it sounds, I have to admit a big part of me was trying to avoid dressing my new body. I kept trying to put off purchasing clothes, justifying it by saying that I didn’t want to buy something that wouldn’t fit in a month. Finally, I had no choice. With my maternity clothes hanging off and no chance of fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes any time soon, I started feeling pretty frumpy. Needing a pick-me-up, I headed to ROSS for some retail therapy.

My long legs have always been one of my best features and the quickest way to feeling better is to focus on what you already like about yourself. With this in mind, I decided that jeans were the place to start.

I am so grateful that mid-rise jeans are FINALLY coming back into fashion. There is nothing quite like being able to bend over or sit down on the ground without having to constantly re-adjust. I tried on about ten different styles before finding the single most perfect pair of jeans that I have ever worn, the Lexington Mid-Rise Jean from Jones New York. I purchased them right then and there.

The Lexington Mid-Rise Jeans are incredibly comfortable, are stretchy in all of the right places without losing structure, hug you perfectly, and are slimming, especially in the areas that moms need most- tummy and thighs. They even seem to give my butt a lift. Nice. Wearing them actually makes me feel like I’ve lost weight. Talk about a pick-me-up. The Lexies are incredibly durable, too. I walk everywhere and practically lived in them prior to my current pregnancy with no signs of wear or tear. The mid-rise style never slips down, so revealing your ass to the world isn’t a concern. Great for all of the bending and squatting, skipping and sitting, chasing and dancing that just comes with the territory of being a mom. So go ahead, jump and cheer with reckless abandon! No need to worry about revealing too much. Plus, it never hurts that the universally flattering dark wash is easy to dress up for a night out.

If you can’t find a pair at ROSS, the actual retail price, $79 on the JNY website, really isn’t bad for a quality jean. If you ask me, this is a steal; especially for something that you will want to wear every day.

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