What to Wear: Thanksgiving Day

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The time for food comas and swapping stories with family and friends is fast approaching. Thanksgiving feast is just around the corner, and wanting to look chic while still being able to bend down to lift that turkey out of the oven or eat our weight in food, is always a challenge. Why not try a cozy sweater with a high-waisted skirt that will give your belly some room to grow? Add an adjustable belt, warm sweater tights and some on-trend shoes for the perfect Turkey Day ensemble. You’ll look like the gorgeous, stylish mama that you are while impressing guests by playing the part of the perfect hostess – all while remaining comfortable.

Besides being affordable, the pieces from this outfit are extremely versatile. The sweaters, belts, tights, jewelry, handbag and shoes can all be worn again. Throw on the sweater with a pair of jeans and some ankle boots to run errands. The apron will come in handy next month while baking up a plethora of holiday treats. There’s nothing that won’t fit in the roomy handbag that’s big enough to hold everyday “mommy essentials” like a cell phone, wallet, first-aid kit, snacks, diapers, sunglasses and lipstick. Wear the gorgeous skirt all season long with tights and boots or flats. Switch up the sweater with a blouse and jacket or belted cardigan. The looks are endless. What mom doesn’t love a stylish, functional outfit that can be remixed and worn time and again? I know I do.

(If you need an extra layer to help make the trek from the car to the front door more bearable in the cold weather, try a ruana, a long, draping sweater-cape, like the one featured in this post. And for an alternate Thanksgiving Day outfit, check out the one we featured last year. Don’t worry, it’s still in style.)

1. Knit Sweater with Embroidered Neckline( $49.99/H&M) -Wear tucked in and belted at the natural waist, right over the waistband of the skirt.

2. Mossimo Supply Co. Cowl Neck Sweater ($27.99/Target) -Wear untucked and belted at the natural waist. This is the blue/grey color.

5. Nixon Get It Skinny Belt ($30.00/Zappos-free 1-day shipping) -Skinny belts are very flattering on figures with short torsos and/or large breasts.  This belt has many settings for great adjustability.

6. Style & Co. Quilted Stretch Belt ($21.98/Macys) -These work great for figures with long torsos and/or smaller breasts. This belt has a stretch elastic panel in back making it stretchy and comfortable throughout the meal.

12. Gold-Tone Bangle set ($5.95/H&M)

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  1. Great look! I have no idea what to wear…ever! You make it EASY! Love the apron, but the belt is the best because its ‘stretchy and comfortable throughout the meal!’

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