Mom-to-Mom: What’s in My Diaper Bag

By Lisa Miller

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A bag may well be one of the most important accessories in every mom’s wardrobe. Whether it’s for lugging around diapers, sports equipment, work documents, school supplies, or just the essentials, we all need something fabulous and functional. In this mom-to-mom series, I’ll show you what’s in my bag and hopefully, inspire you to do the same. What better way to help each other out than by sharing our secrets? 

In the coming months, watch for posts on my everyday bag, computer bag and wallet, as well as those of some of our readers.  (If you’re interested in spilling your bag, email us at And remember, this isn’t just for moms with babies, we want to know what moms with older kids have in their bags, too.) Now, let’s get to it!

The first photo above is my primary diaper bag, shared with my husband (so it can’t be too girly). With a new baby on the way, due any day now, the contents (and even the bag itself) may soon change. Should that happen I’ll be sure to let you know.

Diaper Bag  (19-month-old daughter):

1. Kinies Classic Diaper Bag (with added zipper): Can be carried either as a shoulder bag or messenger bag. Great organization with many pockets. The only drawback is that it can get bulky and heavy.

2. Nuk Ladybug Sippy Cup: The best transition cup that we’ve found and we’ve tried a lot. Soft nipple and relatively few leaks with this bottle.

3. Pampers Cruisers, Size 5

4. Avent Soothie Pacifier: An emergency pacifier resides in the Ju-Ju-Be pacifier pod.

5. Medela Nipple: As frazzled new parents, we managed to forget to pack a nipple once during the week that our daughter was recovering from tongue-tie and couldn’t nurse. Chaos ensued, but never again. We now have an emergency nipple in the Ju-Ju-Be pacifier pod, just in case.

6. Ju-Ju-Be Pacifier Pod: Inside, there are elastic bands on each half to hold a pacifier in place. Currently, we have an extra medela nipple on one side and an extra soothie pacifier on the other. I have also used this case to discretely carry nipple-shields for nursing.

7. Equate Vitamins A & D Ointment: Purchase it in the adult diaper section of the store to save a couple bucks. It’s the same product, minus the picture of a baby.

8. Carter’s Flannel Lap Pad: These little lap pads make the most absorbent changing pads, burp cloths, and waterproof crib liners (in the bigger size).

9. Onesie: For diaper explosion catastrophes.

10. Leggings: See number 9.

11. Bath and Body Works Pocket Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer: This travel-size bottle works well for on the move changes where there isn’t a sink to wash-up in.

12.  Seventh Generation, Free and Clear, Baby Wipes: We carry these gentle wipes in a re-usable Huggies travel case.

13. Scented Diaper Disposal Bags: Buy at your local Dollar Tree, not for the crazy $5+ listed on Amazon. They’re great for holding messy clothes and bibs while out and about as well as containing the smell of poopy diapers until a trash can is found. We also use them in place of a wet-bag for bringing home the cloth diapers to wash.

14. Gerber Receiving Blanket: These are so small and thin that we found them to be mostly useless as receiving/swaddling blankets. However, they work well for laying over a restroom changing table for a cleaner surface (one-sided printing makes it easy to remember which side is dirty, which is clean; between washes, fold with clean side out so dirt doesn’t spread). Throw on grass for changes at the park.

15. Rotating contents: wallet, snacks, drops (teething, gas, Tylenol), camera, books.

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