The Six Purses Every Mom Should Own

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers
Photos courtesy of retailers

How many times have you carried a purse you knew didn’t look right with your outfit simply because 1) you didn’t have one that would match, 2) you didn’t have time to change purses (we can help you with that in this post), or 3) you didn’t have one appropriate for the occasion. We’ve all been there but with just a few basic handbag styles in your arsenal, you should be able to avoid that fashion faux pas in the future.

A mom needs a purse that is versatile, affordable, stylish, big enough to carry all the necessities, and small enough that it won’t weigh her down. There are  a million options out there and we’ve narrowed them down to six that should cover all your needs. Let’s get started.

The Everyday Handbag

For an everyday “go to” handbag, something in a neutral shade will serve you best. Look for black, grey or variations of brown (chocolate, camel, nude). These colors will be the most versatile and compliment just about any outfit. Either a shoulder bag or satchel (my personal favorite – they just make me feel more sophisticated) will work – it just depends on your preference.

1. Latique Mallorca Convertible Hobo ($68.60/Kohl’s)

2. Kelly & Katie Jorden Woven Scoop Tote ($44.95/DSW – free shipping for Rewards members)

An Evening Bag

For a plethora of reasons, many of us buy our dressy dresses in black – they’re slimming, don’t show stains, and are less noticeable when we wear them again and again (which really shouldn’t matter anyway but hey, we all think about it). Wearing black provides the perfect opportunity to go all out with your handbag. Bright colors, shimmery sequins, beads, and patterns will all work well with basic black.

3. Contrast Lace Snap Baguette Clutch Evening Bag ($26.99/PacificPlex)

4. Lulu Townsend Sequin Pattern Munaudiere Clutch ($29.95/DSW – free shipping for Rewards members)

A Patterned Bag

You know those days when you look in the mirror after getting dressed and realize that everything your wearing is a solid color? You wish you had the time to put something more exciting together but Emma has to get to soccer practice and you have a thousand errands to run so you just “deal with it” and feel a little dumpy all day. An easy way to counter this is by toting a fun, patterned purse. Find one that you love, one that makes you smile, and watch those “outfit blues” fade away.

5. Franco Sarto Lexington Hobo ($49.95/DSW – free shipping for Rewards members)

6. Warehouse Leopard Satchel ($50.91/Asos – free shipping both ways!)

The Everyday Crossbody

For those times when carrying a satchel or shoulder bag will look ridiculous (i.e. a street fair, a sporting event, a picnic) the cross body swoops in to save the day. I prefer a larger style as they can accommodate a water bottle, a light jacket, etc. but the size is up to you and your needs. Like the everyday handbag, a neutral tone may serve you best but sometimes a touch of color or a fun pattern will do the trick. Just make sure it matches your outfit.

7. Kelly & Katie 2 Tone Cross Body Bag ($25/DSW – free shipping for Rewards members)

8. Rosetti Cross-Body Bag ($19.99/Kohl’s)

A Day Clutch

Every woman needs a day clutch for “girly events” like showers and luncheons as well as things like afternoon weddings and graduation parties. They’re just a little dressier than your everyday handbag and add an air of city chic to your look. (Although they’re called “day” clutches they can be used at night for events that are too informal for an evening bag.)

9. Zigzag Raffia Clutch ($16.80/Forever 21)

10. Aldo “Spotted” Cluch ($45/Aldo)

A Colorful Bag

Colorful handbags can serve the same purpose as patterned ones. However, they’re easier to pair with busy clothing so you’ll be out the door, feeling fabulous, in no time.

11. Mondani Audra Ostrich Tote ($52.50/Kohls)

12. Apt. 9 Brooklyn Straw Hobo ($29.40/Kohls)

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