TMS Replay: Stylist’s Secret – It’s All In The Bra

By Kristin Hull

Here’s what a bra-fitting at Intimacy can do for you.

Now that The Mommy Stylist has been around for a few years, we decided to occasionally re-post some of our earlier blogs as TMS Replays so that new readers can benefit from them as well. (And they can serve as reminders for those who have been with us from the beginning). Enjoy!

Ladies, let’s face it. As much as you love your children, and as much as you bonded while they were breast-feeding, those little angels wreaked havoc on your breasts. It is for that reason that a really good, well-fitting bra is a necessity! If your “girls” are saggy, no one needs to know. And believe me, when you have an ill-fitting bra, everyone knows. Most women, in fact, wear the wrong size bra, even those who haven’t had children. But don’t think you can just run over to Target and grab a new one. In fact, that’s the last place you should buy a bra.

There aren’t going to be many times when we tell you to spend a little extra money but in this case it is vital. A good bra could cost you $50-$100. MAKE THE INVESTMENT. A quality bra should last years and can make you look bigger if you’re small on top and smaller if you are big on top. The wrong size bra (especially on large-breasted women) can squeeze breasts out to the side, making you look wider. A bra that fits will keep that from happening which will make you look thinner. (Trust me, I speak from experience.)

So now that you’re convinced you need a good bra where do you get one? Well, for those of you who live in a city that has an Intimacy store, make some time to go there ASAP. They carry European sizes which have a much wider range than American sizes. Doesn’t that make more sense? How can every American woman fit into one of five or six sizes? Ridiculous. Intimacy has bra fit specialists who come in the changing room with you and make sure you leave with a perfect fitting bra. Don’t let the fact that another woman, who has insecurities about her body too, is going to see you topless. They are very professional and even have little silk robes in the changing room for you to put on while your “specialist” is out on the floor gathering bras for you to try on. Like I said, you will have to spend a bit more but it is totally worth it. You can be wearing the most gorgeous outfit ever but if your breasts are saggy you may as well be sporting a potato sack. It will ruin the entire outfit. Oh, and Intimacy does free alterations for the life of your bra so if they ever get stretched out or break, you won’t have to buy a new one. You can even make an appointment for a free bra fitting on their website. Since you are a busy mom that might be the best option for you. Then you won’t risk having to wait.

And for those of you who don’t have access to Intimacy, try Nordstrom, Macy’s or Victoria’s Secret. Ask someone to measure you and have them check the bras after you put them on to help assess if they fit correctly. Don’t trust yourself. You aren’t a bra expert, they are.

By the way, did you know bras are supposed to be hooked on the widest clasp? Then as the elastic gets stretched out (which it will in any bra) you are supposed to move in to the next set of hooks. I always bought mine in a size where I had to wear it on the tightest hooks. Totally wrong. Waaaay too big. Now you know.

And lastly, don’t ever wear a lacy or textured bra under a smooth, fitted top. There is nothing tackier than seeing lumps and lines under a shirt. And if you can see the line at the top of the cup through your shirt, you’re either wearing the wrong size or wrong style for that kind of shirt. I suggest getting a smooth black bra and a smooth nude bra. Those can be worn with anything and will be comfortable on a daily basis.

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