Get Glamorous With These Fashion Necessities for Nursing Moms

By Lisa Miller

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Making your own nursing pads is easy if you have the time. See instructions below.

Hello, readers! I am finally returning from maternity leave. My beautiful new daughter is healthy and happy at three months. My wardrobe, however, isn’t. While some of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, they aren’t functional. My maternity clothes are too big and, again, not functional. It’s tough enough dressing a mom figure, and new-mom-who-happens-to-be-nursing figure, near impossible. However, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on the subject and have found some indispensable items. They’ve been helpful to me and will hopefully do the same for you during this transitional time.

Gilligan O’Malley nursing bra

Not only is this bra comfortable, it’s fashionable, practical, and low-cut – perfect to wear with light, summery tops. The material is flexible enough to move out of the way so baby can be fed. Plus,with details like lace, bows and polka dots, they’re cute. Prefer a little padding? Try the lightly padded option.

GlamourMom nursing tank

This tank has a built-in nursing bra, making it easy to discretely feed baby anywhere.

Leaky boobs are definitely not one of the perks of motherhood. Cute, reusable nursing pads, like the ones pictured above, make it almost bearable. Crafty? Make some yourself. Cut same-size circles from fleece with pinking shears, to prevent the cotton from raveling, and sew together using a straight stitch.

Ergo Baby

Take it from someone who has tried every baby carrier on the market, Ergo Baby is the most comfortable. Plus, it is also useful for nursing. Raise the sun hood and you are completely covered. Your little one can be carried in the front, back or on the hip. Purchase a light color for summer – it will stay cooler.

Stretchy tanks

Layer under shirts for added modesty while nursing in public.

Belly Bandit

My Belly Bandit helped slim me down to my original size in just a couple of months. It holds the tummy in to fit you into pre-pregnancy jeans. The bamboo option is breathable and comfortable in the heat.

High- or mid-rise shorts

These cuts will help hide a muffin top.

Bottoms that will shrink with you

Think drawstrings, leggings, wrap skirts, etc.

Want to avoid the hefty price tag of nursing-specific tops? Do what I did: head over to a retailer like ROSS or TJMaxx, where many brands are gathered in one place. Go through the racks and grab any shirts with:

  • stretchy necklines, like cotton jersey tops

  • hook and eye center front detail

  • buttons down the front

  • wrap, or faux wrap closure

  • flowy fabrics that are easy to lift up (You can wear a stretchy tank underneath to hide your midriff.)

Try them all on and you’re sure to find some winners all in one place. The less time spent dragging the children in and out of different retailers, the better. Once you know what fits and what works for you, you can supplement your nursing wardrobe by shopping online.

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