Ask The Mommy Stylist: Tall and Well-Endowed – Help!

By Kristin Hull

Simply Tall offers cute workout clothes in long lengths. Photo courtesy of Simply Tall.

Dear Mommy Stylist,

I have been desperately trying to figure out styles for myself, but have had no luck. Clothes are either too trendy, too pricey, or don’t fit right. It’s really discouraging and frustrating, to say the least. I was wondering if you could help.

Here are my stats: Mom of two (9 and 7), 36 years old, 6 ft, 175 lbs (straight body type, but with a little pudginess around the belly), 36 DD (large busted!). I typically wear solids – blue, black, sometimes purple or green. I’m stuck in jeans that don’t fit (too short, too tight), and shirts that don’t look good either. 

I really don’t have any style sense. I try to mimic my friends, but they are all petite, small breasted girls, so when I copy their styles I just end up looking pregnant. My husband likes me to wear shorts to show off my long legs, fitted shirts that don’t hide my bust, and a more natural look. But I also am a stay-at-home mom who is at the elementary school every day picking up my kids and/or volunteering or substituting. So I don’t feel comfortable rolling up to school looking like a teenager. Anyway, what would you advise? I feel so overwhelmed! 

Sincerely Desperate, Amber

Hi Amber!

It sounds like you have two main things to address, your large chest and your height.

First, let’s address the breasts.

As much as many women envy large breasts, those of us who have them know that they make dressing extra difficult. It is almost impossible to find tops that don’t make us look sleazy or pull open between the buttons. Unfortunately, people with large breasts have to get much of their wardrobe tailored because most shirts are made boxy and we look best when they are nipped in at the waist.

Try these tips to help make dressing your “assets” easier:

Get a good bra: Read our post about the importance of getting good bras. They can make you look 10 lbs lighter. No joke.

Try a scarf: If a particular top makes you feel self-conscious about your chest throw a long scarf on to cover it a bit. Like this. That way you are still flattering your figure but not showing it off to the world. Scarves also work to cover cleavage when a top is too low cut. But make sure the scarf is made of a thin material so it doesn’t add more bulk. 

Wear black tops: They’ll make you look smaller. I know, who wants to wear a black top all the time? Well, you don’t have to but it’s a great thing to fall back on. Add color with accessories.

Choose v-necks: Crew necks will only emphasize your chest while a v-neck will flow better with your curves making them stand out less.

Tuck loose shirts: One other thing I do when I have a flowy shirt that makes me look pregnant, I tuck in just a small portion of the front of it. That way, it shows your figure a little more but still hides any muffin top. (That’s another hard thing for women with large chests, we have to wear fitted shirts but then our muffin top shows. I bought a pair of Spanx undies that work pretty well but just make sure you can’t see the line of them under your shirt. If so, don’t wear them.)

Find your celebrity body double: A good way to get outfit ideas is to find a celebrity who has your body shape and do an image search for them. You’ll be able to see in one fell swoop what flatters their figure and what doesn’t. Then, start trying to mimic some of those looks (well, just the good ones).

You definitely CAN be a stylish mom without looking like a hoochie.

Now, on to your long legs.

First of all, lucky you. Those of us who are short would kill for legs like yours! But, just like being well-endowed, being tall has its problems too, not he least of which is pant length. Making pants shorter is easy but there isn’t much you can do to lengthen them. And nothing says “I have no style” like a pair of floods. Fortunately, many stores are now getting on the “tall” band wagon. Here are just a few:


Ann Taylor

The Gap

Height Goddess

J. Crew

J. Jill


Long Tall Sally

Old Navy

New York & Company

Simply Tall – They have a nice selection of cute active wear and leggings in long lengths.

On another note, regardless of how tall a woman is, none of us can wear the same pants with flats as with heels – unless they are skinny pants or the currently trendy, ankle pants. We all just have to accept that some of our trousers and jeans will have to be reserved for flats and others for heels.

Thanks for writing! I hope this info was helpful!

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