Leggings: A Mom’s Best Friend

By Lisa Miller

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Images from The Mommy Stylist Pinterest board “Outfit Ideas- Leggings.”

Let’s face it, moms need freedom of movement. We are always chasing children, picking up the house, getting in and out of the car, and running errands. All I can say is, thank goodness leggings have come back into our lives. Leggings wear well under airy tops, sweaters, and dresses making them a fabulous all-weather option and helping you stretch your wardrobe budget. They also hide white un-tan legs or, gasp!, unshaven legs, even cellulite. For something that seems so simple, the myriad of styles available can be a tricky beast, if you aren’t aware of a few guidelines. Here is a quick reference to help you pick the best pair for you.

  • ALWAYS cover the crotch! Most leggings create an awful camel toe. Not flattering. Cover it with a long top.

  • Inspect the opaqueness. When trying on leggings, wear your brightest pair of undies and bend over. Can you see through? Translucency does not necessarily rule out a pair of leggings, but it is   important to know when putting together outfits. Again, we’re big fans of the Wunder Under Pant ($82) from Lululemon for a fitted, opaque legging with a wide waistband which eliminates muffin top and a hidden pocket for cards and keys.

  • Wear no-line panties or a thong.

  • Know your body. Do the leggings make your thighs or stomach look bulgy or lumpy? Try a different style or wear them with a top that skims over those areas.

  • Layer, layer, layer. The most fabulous legging get-ups layer a long shirt or dress with a jacket or sweater, and then add a statement scarf or necklace.

An excellent reference when putting together real-life outfits is Pinterest.com. I’ve put together a board on The Mommy Stylist Pinterest page with outfit ideas featuring leggings. There, you’ll find the images above and some additional resources. A quick scroll-through is sure to turn up an ensemble easily put-together with some items currently in your closet. Click on over and take a look around. Now, you’re ready to style those comfortable, stretchy leggings and get on with your flexibility-requiring life.

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6 thoughts on “Leggings: A Mom’s Best Friend

  1. As a new Mom, I am so happy to find your blog! I have loved reading your posts. I’m hoping you can provide more advice about leggings, because I need some clarification. You see, I am a classic pear, with a small chest and large butt and thighs, and I REALLY want to wear leggings, as they are the MOST functional pant for chasing after babies. However, I find that any outfit I make with leggings just accentuates my flaws, and doesn’t give me that hourglass illusion that a good outfit gets. Instead, the longer shirts and skinny leggings draw attention to my thighs and because they’re blousey, make my chest look even flatter. Isn’t it possible that pears should not wear leggings? Or is there a combo I’m missing?

    1. Hello Sarah,
      Thank you for commenting! Pear-shapes are able to wear leggings and I’d like to do an “Ask The Mommy Stylist” article answering this question soon. For the time being let me give you a few tips to help you out now. Creating the illusion of an hourglass-figure may be a good solution. Try wearing a skinny belt at the smallest part of your waist or choose a blouse with a style detail drawing the eye to your enviable tiny middle. Next, add an infinity scarf, bib necklace, or choose a top with an interesting design near the bust to add volume to the top and visually balance you out. A shirt ending directly at the butt will grab attention, unless the color blends smoothly into the leggings. For example, in this outfit worn by pear-shaped Shakira a black top worn with black leggings flows smoothly. Another option is to choose leggings that create a vertical line, causing the eye to move quickly past the butt/thigh area and focus on the length of your legs instead. Beyonce, another pear, applies this here. Also, be sure to check out our post on how to ID and dress your body type. I hope this helps. Be sure to enter the styling session giveaway and keep checking back for an in-depth answer to, “can a pear-shape wear leggings?” Best, Lisa Miller

      1. I noticed that wordpress didn’t allow the hyperlinks, so here are the sites for my examples.

        Shakira outfit: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/59883870019424693/
        Beyonce outfit: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/59883870019424762/
        Dress your body type: http://mommystylistblog.com/2012/12/05/stylists-secret-know-your-body-shape-well-show-you-how/
        Styling session giveaway: http://mommystylistblog.com/2014/01/09/win-an-online-styling-session-with-the-mommy-stylist/

        Hope this helps!

        Best, Lisa Miller

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