Outfits For Moms: Business Casual

By Lisa Miller

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Heading to the office often creates a dilemma for moms – for a couple of reasons.  First, the mommy vs. career woman conundrum: on one hand, you want to stay home all day and play with your kids, but on the other, you crave interaction with adults and conversation not centered on poop, soccer matches, or homework assignments. Second, what are you going to wear that will be professional but allow you to navigate a muddy baseball field immediately after leaving the office?

Whether you are back to work for the first time after baby’s birth or are already an expert at juggling a career and a family, your wardrobe doesn’t have to be another quandary.

What does business casual actually mean?

With most workplaces opting for business casual these days women seem to be in a state of confusion, listing too far into jeans and t-shirts or clinging to the power suit. When in actuality, a business casual dress code is easier than you think. And it pairs perfectly with a mom’s lifestyle. Popular layering looks (view our business wear Pinterest board for inspiration) make transitioning between the office and the park as easy as trading your blazer for a long drapey sweater and switching to cute tennis shoes or flats. Not to mention, layering is very flattering on all body types.

Layering 101

Successful layering is low-key. Don’t overdo it, just show a bit of your collar, cuffs, and the bottom of your button-down shirt from beneath a sweater or a blazer. Throw a cardigan or suit jacket over a dress or long top. Have fun with colors and patterns. It doesn’t all have to be neutral; it just has to be classy.

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