What to Wear: Trick or Treating With the Kids

By Kristin Hull

Wear these pieces together for a effortless, casual cool ensemble. (Photos courtesy of retailers)
Wear these pieces together for a effortless, casual cool ensemble. (Photos courtesy of retailers)

Taking the kids trick or treating is one of the joys of being a mother. Getting them ready for it however, often isn’t. By the time you gather all the necessities for their costumes, and get them all made up, the last thing you want to do is put together a cute outfit for yourself. But, the thought of having every neighbor see you in old sweatpants that feel like a sausage casing and a torn tee from your college sorority isn’t your idea of fun either.

Plan in advance

So let’s get a simple, stylish outfit ready ahead of time. That way, when the ticking and treating commences you can revel in your children’s joy – instead of focusing on which tree or bush to hide behind as you move from house to house.

Use what’s in your closet

Grab your favorite pair of skinny jeans and a casual shirt that flatters your figure from your closet. If you don’t have those then it’s high time you went out and got them. Having these as wardrobe basics will help you get dressed and look cute in a pinch (and aren’t moms always in a pinch?).

Lessons in layering

Next is where the fun starts. In order to keep warm, you don’t always have to hide under a coat. For variety, learn to layer and you’ll be able to adjust your level of warmth based on your climate and/or where you are going (indoors, outdoors or both). Just make sure that if you anticipate removing layers at any point that each one is wearable on its own. In the example above, all of the pieces are meant to be worn together but can be utilized separately as well. The jeans and checked shirt are fine by themselves but the skull sweater adds interest. (Be sure to let the bottom of the shirt and sleeves peek out from underneath.) Chilly? Add the military jacket. Roll up the sleeves one or two times to reveal those of the shirt and sweater under it.

Add style with accessories

Once you have your basic outfit it’s time to amp it up with accessories . A jacket or vest, comfy boots, and a hat will add as much style as if you were wearing an expensive designer top.

Use and re-use

The best thing about this outfit is that it’s not only inexpensive but every piece is functional and versatile enough to wear over and over. Try different combinations with other treasures in your closet or, because they are all stylish and cute by themselves, let them make a solo statement.

1. Studded Checked Two Pocket Shirt ($59.90/Express): This shirt isn’t just for casual days; try it with a pencil skirt and pumps at the office.

2. Faux Leather Baseball Cap ($18/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!): Leather, even faux, makes anything cooler.

3. Skull Print Pullover Sweater ($28.99/Charlotte Russe): Yes, it’s Halloween but you can wear this playful sweater all year long.

4. Big Star Women’s Alex Soft Brush Skinny Leg Jean ($39.41/Amazon): A mid-rise jean is a poochy stomach’s worst enemy – and a mom’s best friend.

5. Coffee Shop Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Jacket ($45.99/Target): Look good running errands or cheering on the team in a trendy military jacket. They’re versatile, functional and super cute. This one comes in plus-size (link above) and petite.

6. White Mountain Women’s Fido Boot ($64.99/Famous Footwear): I want these boots. And you should too. The flat sole offers stability and comfort, while the style is current and uber-cool.

7. Joe Fresh Puffer Vest ($39/Joe Fresh): Don’t hate the puffer vest. It just wants to look good and keep you warm. Give it a chance by pairing it with pieces like button down shirts and fun sweaters. Skip the fleece jacket, baggy jeans and sneakers.

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