Stylist’s Secret: Runway Tips and Tricks for Everyday

By Lisa Miller

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Who says runway fashion doesn’t apply to real life? Sure, the garments may often be extravagant and expensive, but runway looks inspire the budget-friendly spin-offs that end up in our shopping bags, many of which are more flattering than the originals. Both sometimes need a little help to look their best.

Models aren’t what they seem

What about the models? They may be tall and thin, but getting them ready for the catwalk isn’t as easy as throwing the clothes on their lanky frames at the last-minute. There are a million little things that go into making them, and their outfits, appear flawless – even when they aren’t.

Fake it confidently, and you’ll make it

Having worked fashion shows and handled wardrobe for rock concerts, I have witnessed first-hand how important perception is to a performer or designer. During one experience, I was responsible for clothing 20 dancers, maintaining the wardrobe during the show, and assisting in quick-changes (outfit changes between songs, or walks on the runway). The audience expected the dancers to be perfect – tall, slim, and fashionable – and that’s exactly what they saw.

It’s all an illusion

What they didn’t realize though is how many wardrobe tricks were utilized to create the illusion of perfection; tricks that over time have worked their way into my personal life. And now they can be a part of yours. Why should the professionals be the only ones in the know? They shouldn’t. In fact, I know of one particular group who would benefit greatly from some time- and money-saving tips – the ever-busy mom. So next time you find yourself in a clothing conundrum you’ll know just what to do.

Practical tips for moms from the runway:

1. Eliminate static cling without covering yourself in dryer sheet chemicals

  • Thinly spread hand or body lotion on the palms of your hands.

  • Rub it into your tights, nylons, or leggings beneath where your skirt or top lies. Ta-da! No more static cling!

2. Add traction to soles or prevent stocking feet from sliding around in shoes

  • Don’t have time to scuff the bottom of your new shoes to keep from wiping out on a smooth floor? Tired of feeling like you’re slipping out of your heels? Reach for a bottle of hairspray.

  • A quick spritz on the bottom of your shoe or stocking foot will quickly fix the problem. This is how models maintain their balance and poise on some very smooth surfaces in sky-high heels.

*Added bonus: The same treatment will also keep your make-up in place all day. It’s not necessarily the healthiest tip, but if you happen to be going to an event where you know you’ll be dancing the night away (i.e. sweating), a little hairspray will keep your face looking as fresh as when you first arrived.

3. Manage wandering belts, wayward v-necks, gaping between buttons and more

You may have heard of Hollywood Fashion Tape, a double sided, clear tape that tames unruly clothing. However, you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck, and an equal, if not better, product by purchasing toupee tape instead. Yep, that’s exactly what it is – tape that was originally created to keep toupees in place. We like Topstick which can be found at most beauty supply stores, like Sally’s. Use it to: harness a wandering belt without the aid of belt loops; help keep v-necks from revealing too much; prevent spaghetti straps from sliding off your shoulder; conceal bra cups when bending over (very useful with stretchy necklines); and control gaping between shirt buttons. Toupee tape is the duct tape of fashion; it can solve just about any wardrobe faux pas.

4. Keep bra straps from showing

  • Method 1: Safety pin from the inside.

  • Method 2: Use a bra converter to hide straps while wearing a racer-back top. Remember to lengthen your bra straps before attaching the converter to prevent feeling as if you are trapped in a corset.

  • Method 3: Stick a piece of toupee tape on your bra strap, then place your shirt on top of it.

  • Method 4: If you can’t keep your straps hidden, then you have two options: Dig out your strapless bra or wear a bra with clear straps to minimize visibility.

Life is your runway. Hold your head high, and strut your stuff!

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