What to Wear: New Year’s Day

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers.
Photos courtesy of retailers.

Ah, New Year’s Day. The end of the holiday season. After several weeks of craziness, most of us are ready to tone it down for a while. It’s time to put away the sparkles and heels (temporarily, of course!) and get down to some casual comfort.

Comfortable doesn’t mean dumpy

Whether you’re having friends over to watch football or are hitting up some post-holiday sales, you can combine a few current trends to keep yourself looking stylish without sacrificing comfort. Even if you managed to gain a few pounds over the last month, don’t fret. First, give yourself a break. You’re human, and the holiday season is a wonderful one. It’s a time to celebrate and what would celebrating be without a little overindulgence? Don’t get mad at yourself. We ALL do it. And second, our New Year’s Day outfit will provide a little extra room and a little extra coverage to camouflage any evidence of said indulging.

Fall in love with boyfriend jeans

Why should you love boyfriend jeans? Plain and simple, they’re loose. Some even say to buy one size up for just the right “look” but go with whatever you feel works best. We often recommend mid-rise pants to prevent the dreaded muffin top but many boyfriend jeans have a low-rise. However, because they are roomy, gut spillage shouldn’t be a problem. But, if it is, we’ve got a solution.

How to hide your muffin top

Tuck the front five or six inches of your sweater into your pants. This creates a blousing effect which hides that excess flop of tummy, even when you’re siting down. And the tuck will make you appear slimmer. See an example here.

Roll your boyfriend jeans up the right way

If you want to be up-to-date, the fashion right now is give your jeans a medium to wide roll. Like this:

Photos courtesy of Style Bakery.

If it’s too cold to go without socks

Some of our readers live in climates that don’t allow for even a smidge of skin to be exposed to the elements. If this is you, then have fun with socks. I’m short so I like to keep mine the same color as my shoe to elongate my legs but, if you are the experimental type, feel free to try colors or even patterns like this:

Photo 1 courtesy of Grazia Daily. Photo 2 courtesy of Style Bakery.
Photo 1 courtesy of Grazia Daily. Photo 2 courtesy of Glamour.

Wear it again

Running errands, chaperoning a field trip, to a sporting event, to the park.

Get the look

Mossimo Supply Co. Plaid Wool Anorak Jacket (now $29.99, reg. $39.99/Target): This may just be the cutest anorak we’ve ever seen. It’s casual and represents one of the year’s hottest trends, plaid. Plus, put it on over any ho-hum outfit and you’ve got instant cold-weather style.

Boyfriend Jeans  ($29.95/H&M): You may need to wear a belt with your baggy boyfriend jeans and, if so, by all means do it. It’s not a requirement though. Also, because they are loose, try to keep your top a little more fitted or use the partial tuck-in method mentioned above.

Number 38 Sweater (now $16.99, reg. $24.80/Forever 21): Sure, you could wear just about any sweater with boyfriend jeans but why not get into the spirit of the New Year’s Day games by taking on the sporty trend with a vibrant piece that shows your spirit (even if you don’t really have any)? You can definitely wear it again throughout the season and even into spring.

Pieces Emonda Beanie (now $9.07, reg $16.33/Asos – free shipping both ways!)

Aqua Fox Mittens ($58/Fancy): Yes, these are a little pricey but they’re so cute we just had to share them with you. If you consider that you’ll wear them for a few years then they’re worth the investment.

Chism Wedge Sneaker ($38.49/Aldo): You can really wear any kind of sneaker or short boot with a boyfriend jean. I decided on these to keep the outfit more on the casual side.

Kipling Rizzi Cross-Body/Waist Bag ($59/Zappos – free shipping both ways!)

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