Congratulations To The Winner Of The Online Styling Session With The Mommy Stylist!

By Lisa Miller

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Online styling session winner, Emily Ragsdale, with sons Travis and Huston,

Congratulations to Emily Ragsdale, winner of the Online Styling Session with The Mommy Stylist! Emily lives near Dallas, Texas with her husband and their two sons, Travis, age 5, and Houston, age 4. As a junior high school counselor by day, a hockey mom in the afternoon and wife to a football coach, her outfits have to be multi-functional.

A single day could include meetings and desk work at the school office; sitting on the locker room floor wrangling the boys into their hockey gear; and cheering in the stands at the game. Emily’s outfits must often be able to transition from a temperate business casual office to an informal but chilly hockey rink.

With little extra time or money to put toward her wardrobe, Emily struggles to create the comfortable yet polished look she strives for. Some days it’s nearly impossible to get out the door feeling “covered,” let alone put-together.

Why does Emily like The Mommy Stylist? “I love the ideas! I can look through it, and while I can’t replicate everything, I can go to through my closet and try to look pulled together.”

Watch for Emily’s styled looks in the coming weeks. We can’t wait to get started!

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