Ask The Mommy Stylist: How to Wear Leggings if You’re Pear-Shaped

By Lisa Miller

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Dear Mommy Stylist,

As a new Mom, I am so happy to find your blog! I have loved reading your posts. I’m hoping you can provide some advice about leggings, because I need some clarification. You see, I am a classic pear, with a small chest and large butt and thighs, and I REALLY want to wear leggings, as they are the MOST functional pant for chasing after babies. However, I find that any outfit I make with leggings just accentuates my flaws, and doesn’t give me that hourglass illusion that a good outfit gets. Instead, the longer shirts and skinny leggings draw attention to my thighs and because they’re blousy, make my chest look even flatter. Isn’t it possible that pears should not wear leggings? Or is there a combo I’m missing?


Can Pear-Shaped Women Wear Leggings?

Dear Sarah,

Yes, women with pear-shape figures can wear leggings. Lauren from, pictured in the images above, is our favorite fashion blogger for outfits suiting the pear shape. She consistently pulls together colorful, fun, and classy outfits that are easy to replicate. Many feature leggings, or tights so opaque they may as well be leggings.

In the image on the left, Lauren creates the illusion of an hour-glass figure. Wearing a light-colored top creates visual balance to her shape by making her upper body appear more voluminous. The neck is left bare so as not to overwhelm the eye by adding too much interest to the top. A belt highlights her small waist. The gold medallion buckle draws the eye in tighter, making her waist look even narrower. A fitted skirt admits that she has curvy hips, without making them look any wider. Each piece in the outfit flows into the next- white top with small black flecks, a black print skirt with minimal amounts of white, blackout leggings, and black boots. Lauren didn’t photograph the bag that she carried with this outfit, but there are two choice options: 1) keep it monochromatic with either a black or white bag or 2) use the neutral color scheme of the outfit to your advantage and add a purse in a vibrant color.

In the image on the right, Lauren went the opposite direction by choosing to embrace her figure and play up her pear-shaped curves. The alternating layers of diagonal stripes on this dress cause the eye to skim over every inch of her figure, wrapping around her curves. The movement in this fabric, without being overwhelming, helps to camouflage any imperfections. Worried about a little tummy left over from pregnancy or all the chocolate your family drove you to eat? Layer the bodycon dress with a pair of Spanx high-waisted leggings or tights. (Target carries a department store version, Assets by Sara Bradley, at a lower price point, which has worked wonders for my personal wardrobe). Minimal accessories – black boots, a chain necklace and a bracelet, complete the ensemble without looking busy. A black or red handbag would be at home with this outfit. With similar dresses available from Anthropologie (1 and 2),  this sexy outfit can be your go-to staple for date night.

How To Wear Leggings Pinterest Inspiration Board

See more pear-shaped legging outfits on the “How To Wear Leggings” style board on our Pinterest page. Browsing the web for “pear-shape leggings” or “pear-shaped celebrities” will be helpful as well. Check out this inspiring look on Shakira; the bold shoulders help balance out her hips.  And this one on Beyonce, whose studded leggings make the eye move quickly past the butt/thigh area and instead, focus on the length of her legs.

Keep the examples above in mind when creating your own legging looks, and most of all, have fun wearing this versatile mommy staple.

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