Styling Giveaway Winner Look 2: Sophisticated Comfort

By Kristin Hull

emily final 2 ps
Photos courtesy of retailers.

A few weeks ago, we posted the first look for our styling giveaway winner, Emily Ragsdale, created by our executive editor, Lisa Miller. Now, it’s my turn. Like Lisa, I tried to keep Emily’s body shape (apple) and lifestyle (junior high school counselor with two young hockey-obsessed sons) in mind when picking out her pieces. See the credits below for specifics on why I chose each particular item.

Note: As Lisa mentioned in her post, Emily would benefit from hemming her dress. Apple shapes have great legs so why not show them off? So, I shortened the dress a bit in the photo above to illustrate how it would look.

Brigitte Bailey Colorado Cardigan ($56.99/ – free shipping!: The diagonal lines in this sweater are slimming and will draw the eye away from Emily’s problem areas. It’s made of a fairly thin material which will skim over the parts we want to minimize and add style, not bulk.

Mystical Moon Rosary Necklace ($18.82/ASOS) – free shipping both ways!: Because of the busy sweater, I kept the jewelry simple. This cute rosary-style necklace will lead the eye down, helping to elongate the torso.

LizzyBleu Adjustable Vintage Typewriter Key Ring ($20/Etsy): Emily mentioned that her younger son had a twin sister, Becca, who, sadly, went to heaven several weeks after being born. This cool, vintage-looking ring will not only add style but pay homage to her little angel.

Sternlein Organic Tights in Grey ($29/Josa Naturally): Grey tights will soften the contrast between the dress and Emily’s legs helping to elongate her body. Sure, these might be a little pricey but a quality pair can be worn season after season, won’t fade in the wash, will keep their shape, and won’t stretch out.

Western Warrior Booties ($36.80/Forever 21): The western look is back, and ankle boots are one of the “it” shoes of the year. Combine those two and you’ve got comfortable, versatile footwear that also exudes style. These boots can easily take Emily from the school office to the hockey rink.

Combined Doctor Bag ($99.90/Zara) – free shipping both ways!: This gorgeous structured handbag balances out the loose sweater keeping the look sleek and sophisticated. Because it’s made of three neutrals Emily will be able to use frequently. The bottom is black so there’s no need to worry about dirt showing. Like the tights, this bag is a little pricey but totally worth it because it will last longer and won’t be as fragile as some cheaper bags can be, which is important when you have two energetic boys to keep up with. Also, it’s roomy enough for all her necessities but not so big that it is cumbersome.

Andean Black Alpaca Blend Ruana Cape ($80.99/Novica): Since this outfit already has Emily wearing two layers, a good way to keep her warm outdoors or at the rink is with a ruana. I have had one for years and wear it all the time. All. The. Time. A ruana doesn’t have sleeves so she won’t feel constricted in the arm and shoulder area when she has to hug a crying hockey player or help get him into his game gear. A khaki-colored ruana would be a nice departure from the usual black but with two young boys black is the optimal choice. It will hide dirt and also match with just about anything Emily has on as she runs out the door. Whether worn dressy or casual, a ruana never fails to make a woman look like she just stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine.

Wear it Again: to a school meeting/event, the office, a sporting event, running errands, lunch, coffee, lunch duty, field trip.

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