Brighten Your Wardrobe With Spring’s Must-Have Hues

By Lisa Miller with Ebony Benson

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Warm weather is finally on the horizon and spring is on its way. It is time to overhaul that drab winter wardrobe and get into some color. What shades should you invest in this season? How about some of the gorgeous hues in the Spring 2014 Pantone color fashion report?

The Color of the Year

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid. Shades of purple compliment many skin-tones. If this is your color, go ahead and put a portion of your budget toward it. Since this shade will be sticking around all year, be sure to choose pieces that will work well year round, like a basic t-shirt. If you’d prefer a more subtle take on the trend, try accessorizing with it. The watch pictured above, which can be incorporated into many outfits, will last throughout the seasons, but won’t overemphasize rosy cheeks. Unless you can’t live without radiant orchid for years to come, don’t put all of your cash towards this color. At the end of 2014, color experts, and you, are likely to be orchid-ed out.

First Let’s Look at the Neutrals

Now, let’s divvy up the rest of your spring wardrobe allotment. Versions of Dazzling Blue, Hemlock, Paloma, and Sand tend to be seen time and again. Paloma and Sand are classic neutral colors and act as building blocks for many outfits. These colors will translate freely into your fall wardrobe and hold their own against dirt caused by moms and kids alike. Dazzling Blue and Hemlock make eyes pop, look good on most skin types, and reside within most people’s comfort zones, making them easy to wear. Put the majority of your funds into these hues.

Brighten Things Up a Bit

Next, take a look at colors that you personally love and can see yourself wearing. Are you one of the lucky few who look stunning in lemon-yellow (Freesia)? Is Celosia Orange your power color? Would Cayenne lips be perfect on your pucker? Then, buy one or two items that can be worked into your outfits, no matter the cost.

Go With What Works For You

Then again, some of the forecasted colors may not be for you. Does Placid Blue wash you out? Don’t buy it. Will Violet Tulip get destroyed by dirt the moment your bottom hits the bleachers at your child’s sporting event? Skip it. Or, if you absolutely must have these colors, try a piece that is easily cleaned, like a rain coat, or is durable, like a watch or shoes.

Transition Fall Shades into Spring

Remember those Fall Pantone colors? Now is a good time to re-evaluate and bring some of them back into your life. Is Paloma close in color to a jacket that you purchased in a light shade of Turbulence? Did you purchase a hat in Koi that could pass for Celosia Orange? Could some Mykonos Blue earrings function as Dazzling Blue earrings? Stretch your budget by reincorporating some of these pieces into your spring closet.

Don’t be afraid of color. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Have fun with it.

Get the Pieces

Placid Blue:

Swiss Legend Watch ($59.99/World of Watches): Keep the family on schedule with a durable watch that will last through many seasons.

Tennis Shoes ($42.25/Dress Code Clothing): A touch of Placid Blue on your sneakers is a subtle way to incorporate this color into an outfit.

Guitar Necklace ($11.99/Body Candy Jewelry)



Seafoam-mint dipped triangles ($12/Gold and Silver Linings- ETSY)

Tote handbag ($14.99/Amazon): There’s enough room in this bag  for your tablet, cell phone, wallet, and all of the extras your kids require.

Turquoise loafers ($69.95/DSW): Wear these loafers to the office, the sports arena, the park or the grocery store. Flat, comfortable shoes are functional and versatile.



Pleated skirt ($34.00/Dolly Draper- ETSY): This skirt is perfect for brunch, the office, school meetings, and more. Try it with a fitted tee, blazer, and infinity scarf.

Straw Hat (Old Navy): Ward off UV-rays with a fashionable hat.



Watermelon lipstick ($16.00/Sephora): Instead of red, try a bold pink lip.

Fresh Coral tote ($49.95/Gap): Look put together with a sleek bag that can take you from the beach to the gym.


Violet Tulip:

Angora jersey socks ($14.99/Absolute Socks): Spice up your ensemble with a pretty violet sock.

White violet raincoat ($75.00/Kohl’s): Protect your clothes from rain and muddy toddler shoes with this flattering raincoat.


Celosia Orange:

Belt ($8/Dorothy Perkins): A belt is a great way to add a touch of color to an outfit. We like the square buckle detail on this one.

Contrast fabric  T-shirt ($44.00/Dorothy Perkins): An long, on-trend colorblock top is the perfect companion to a comfy pair of leggings.


Radiant Orchid:

Nail polish in Psychedelic Lilac ($5.00/Sephora)

Timex watch ($44.92/Walmart)


Dazzling Blue:

Ankle-length trousers ($34.94/Old Navy)

Headband ($32.00/Anthropologie)



Daisy Umbrella ($29.99/ModCloth): April showers will be much more bearable with a cheerful daisy umbrella.

Nail varnish in Rare ($17.00/Sephora)

Wristlet ($20.00/Macy’s)



Blouse ($29.95/H&M)

Steve Madden satchel ($69.95/DSW): A handbag in Paloma can be paired with most outfits and will remain fashionable in coming seasons.


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