How To Wear: Tribal Prints

By Lisa Miller

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Images from The Mommy Stylist Pinterest board “How to Wear: Tribal.”

I remember hearing once, perhaps in a history of fashion class, that after traumatic national events (like 9/11 or the most recent recession) fashion tends to lean toward neutral colors and solid fabrics. A few years after, pops of red and other primary hues begin a scattered appearance. Eventually, as these events become history (but never forgotten), we get to a point where embracing bold patterns and vibrant colors is a welcome change.

In the past few seasons, striking colors and patterns have made a resurgence with the general public, reflecting a nation with renewed confidence and hope. Perhaps this is why tribal-influenced fashion was rampant on the runways this year, and why it’s a must for any mom’s spring wardrobe.

How To Wear Tribal

For many, a tribal-printed garment may feel overwhelming. You may love the look but wonder how to wear it. Or, what to wear it with. Well, we’ve set up a Pinterest album to show you just that. But as a general rule, keep in mind that you can tone down a busy pattern by pairing it with solids or neutrals, or with a more subtle texture/print.

Why Tribal Patterns Work For Moms

Tribal prints are versatile and will transition well to fall. Also, they hide dirt (so you won’t look messy), have excellent visual texture (so you’ll look stylish), and provide a bit of bohemian chic (so you’ll look cool) – all things that make it perfectly wearable for moms.

For ideas on how to wear tribal-influenced clothing and accessories, check out our “How to Wear: Tribal Prints” board on The Mommy Stylist Pinterest page.

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