Let Formia Design Turn Your Children’s Drawings Into Jewelry or Keepsakes

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of Formia Design.
Photos courtesy of Formia Design.

We were blown away when we discovered Formia Design’s adorable (and stylish) pieces made from children’s drawings. And they’re not made from just any child’s drawing, they’re made from YOUR child’s drawing. Simply upload a photo of  the artwork you want to use and choose from a number of jewelry or keepsake items to have it made into. Think necklaces, rings, earrings, cuffs, bracelets, money clips, eyeglass chains, keychains, charms, tie clips, golf markers, cuff links and more. (I spy an amazing Father’s Day gift!)

Well Worth the Cost

Depending on the piece and the complexity of the drawing, prices can vary greatly from $79 to upwards of $700. Their most popular item, the keychain, runs between $89 and $139. Perhaps you could split the price with someone else, or opt for a silver pendant instead of the the 14k gold. If you think about it though, pieces like this are priceless and unique, making them well worth spending a little more on.

Special Discount for Mommy Stylist Readers!

Still concerned about cost? Well, the kind folks at Formia understand and have offered a special discount just for our readers. Simply enter code fdmom1 during checkout for 10% off. Offer ends June 15, 2014 so don’t wait!

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