How to Wear: Wide-Leg Trousers

By Ebony Benson

wide leg pants
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Wide-leg trousers are making a comeback. We’ve seen them slowly sneak back onto the runways over the last few seasons and now they’re hitting the mainstream. Why should you be excited about this? Because wide-leg pants elongate the legs, flatter all body types and create a sophisticated, tailored look. You probably haven’t worn anything but skinnies for a while but don’t be intimidated by the wide-leg trouser because there are many styles and fits for all!

Why wide-leg trousers are good for moms

In a single day a mom could go from the office, to lunch with the girls, to chasing her kids in the park, to dinner with the in-laws – and wide-leg pants can go with her. They can seamlessly transition from business appropriate to casual comfort.

Tips for wearing wide-leg trousers

  • When paired with a form fitting top, wide-leg pants accentuate the waist creating an hourglass shape. Add a belt for extra emphasis.

  • They’re an especially good match for pear shapes as the hips appear narrower due to the flare.

  • Don’t fret if you have a petite frame, donning all one color from head-to-toe will make you appear taller and balance out the fullness of your lower half. Wear with wedges or heels.

  • Taller women are lucky, they can pair their wide-leg pants with flats or heels.

  • Pleated or palazzo-draped pants along with bias cuts work best for women with larger thighs or hips.

  • A lower-rise wide leg trouser can be paired with a looser top as long as the top isn’t too long. It should fall just a few inches below the waistband of the pants. Tuck a small portion of the front of the top into the pants for a chic but casual feel.

Need some outfit inspiration?

For some cute outfit ideas, be sure to check out our Pinterest album called, “How to Wear: Wide-Leg Trousers.”

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