Seriously Comfy Shoes With Serious Style

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers.
Photos courtesy of retailers.

With the (choke! choke!) return of Birkenstocks to the fashion scene (yes, it’s true) I decided to seek out comfort shoes that also have some style. I have to admit I have seen a few outfits (including this one on Heidi Klum) that were somehow able to make Birkenstocks look cute. However, for those of you who just can’t bring yourselves to slip into a pair, we’ve rounded up some equally comfortable, yet infinitely more fashionable options.

Style and comfort can coexist

As a mom, comfort is key in being able to stand for extended periods of time, chase after little ones, get in and out of the car over and over and over, and run errands effectively. And for this, your style doesn’t have to suffer. We often feature on trend flat shoes in our articles, most at very reasonable prices. Today though, we’re going for the big guns. While these shoes may be pricier, they’ll most likely last and last and offer years of stylish comfort.

Why choose a neutral color?

We love colorful shoes as much as the next guy but for a mom, for everyday, a neutral tone works best for its ability to camouflage dirt and match with many outfits.  This will make getting dressed quick and easy.

Now, let’s shop!

1. Born Alamid Boot ($175/Zappos – free shipping both ways!): We all know the name Born as being a leader in the comfort-shoe arena. And to add fashionable to that comfort is the icing on the cake. We love this super cool boot for daily wear. It’ll look great with skinny jeans/pants or leggings. Also available in black.

2. Tsubo Felecia Booties ($160/Zappos – free shipping both ways!): The not-too-high heel makes this bootie doable for everyday. Try it with skinny jeans/pants, boyfriend jeans, any length skirt, or even shorts. Dress up or down easily. Also available in charcoal suede.

3. OTBT Park Hills Flat ($30.99-$98.95/Amazon): An alternative to the traditional ballet flat, this edgy design comes in 17 different colors and patterns. Like Tsubo, OTBT shoes are known for their comfort; these come with a leather-covered, foam-cushioned footbed.

4. Born Gemini Boot ($220/Zappos – free shipping both ways!): Although the heel on this boot is fairly high, its thickness will help keep you stable and more comfy than a thin one. It will look great with skinny jeans/pants or a knee-length or shorter skirt/dress. Also available in black.

5. Born Halle Flats ($95/Zappos – free shipping both ways!): Who knew Born was on top of current trends? The pointy toe on these flats are all the rage so they’re perfect for the stylish mom. And they’ll work with just about any outfit. Also available in black, grey or bronze.

6. Born Crown Emie Boots ($$92.76 – $150.00 + free shipping/Amazon): Whoever’s designing for Born these days should get a raise. How gorgeous are these booties? And with Born’s commitment to comfort I can only imagine they feel good too.

7. Tsubo Galena Boots ($275/Tsubo): Yes, I know, these are quite pricey but in general, boots cost more than shoes. And, a knee-high black flat boot will keep you looking stylish for years. Additionally, the Tsubo brand is known for comfort; these come with an extra-cushioning memory foam insole so you can do everything you need to do while looking good and feeling good. Also available in grey here.

8. Born Ilisha Sneaker ($59.97 – $96.99/Amazon): I have a similar pair of sneakers but I wish I had gotten these instead as they are specifically made for comfort. Also available in blue, black, metallic gold or grey.

9. Tsubo Gylda Snake Flat ($149.95 + free shipping/Amazon): The perfect flat. The wedge provides a little height while the ankle strap and snakeskin pattern provide style. Love, love, love them! Also available in black here.

10. OTBT Rupert Bootie ($$124.99 – $154.97/Amazon): I am in love with these boots. A cushioned footbed offers comfort, the wedge adds stability and the color, buckle, and overall design make them super stylish. Also available in grey.

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    1. Hi Rose! Those boots will look great with skinny jeans /pants or leggings with a long sweater/shirt or with a blouse under a sweater. I will try to post some outfit ideas for them in the coming weeks.

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