What to Wear: Trick or Treating (And Later, to the Office!)

By Lisa Miller

What To Wear: Casual Hallloween Costume 2014 / See this and more at WWW.MOMMYSTYLIST.COM!
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Halloween is just around the corner. As a mom, you’ll probably be participating in activities like trick-or-treating and school costume parties. You want to feel festive and acknowledge that this isn’t just another day but being able to function is of utmost importance. So, how do you pull it off? Easy. Utilize pieces that can be worn again in everyday life.

Skip the Costume Stores

One trip to the Halloween store will make it clear that mass-market costumes these days are for skin-baring model types with giant boobs. And let’s not forget the inflated price tag on that slapped together bit of tulle. If you’re comfortable slipping into a tutu that barely covers your butt, lucky you. But, most moms don’t have the same body as the teenage model on the costume package cover. Fear not, there is a simple and affordable solution.

Turn everyday clothes into a costume

Skip the novelty store costume made for a 20-year-old and opt for a grown up, covered-up, and stylish choice. Instead of spending all that money on something you’ll never wear again, spend it on something you will. And don’t forget to make it special with some fun accessories.

We’ve put together one example to get your creative juices flowing. Turn yourself into an adorable doe by layering colors and textures reminiscent of a fawn’s coat. Not only will all those layers create visual interest, they’ll keep you warm. Start with fleece-lined tights and a creamy beige lace dress. Next, add a coffee and cream polka dot button up, a pullover in oatmeal, and a faux fur vest. Flat boots will keep feet warm and dry in the damp October weather, and provide comfort while trekking through the neighborhood. Complete the look with an antler headband and, if you have time and are feeling adventurous,  apply some deer-inspired face makeup (we love this cool,modern take on it). Voila- DIY costume made almost completely out of clothing you can utilize throughout the cold weather season, separately or together.

Let’s Shop!

1. Polka dot button up ($29.71 + free shipping/Amazon) The dots on this button up are reminiscent of the spots on a deer’s coat. The lace details at the collar and pocket give it a little extra something. Wear it again: to work, with jeans and a jersey blazer for a casual look.

2. Pullover sweater ($29.99/Banana Republic) This versatile pullover will be a welcome addition to your fall and winter wardrobe. Wear it again: over a denim (or any) button up, with the lace dress.

3. Faux fur vest ($37.80/Forever 21) Faux-fur vests are so chic! This is definitely on my shopping list this season. Wear it again: like this or this.

4. Antler headband ($16/ETSY) At just $16, these pretty antlers will help keep your costume budget to a minimum. Or, if you have more money to spend, try this artsy pair for $50. Use it again: next Halloween, add them to the children’s dress-up clothes.

5. Brown fleece lined tights ($19.99 + free prime shipping/Amazon) Very warm and soft, fleece-lined tights can be tricky; they don’t all stretch and fit the same way nylon stockings do. Try a few pairs to make sure they fit so you won’t be adjusting them all day.

6. Lace dress, beige ($18.55 + free shipping/Amazon) I love the texture on this lace dress. I have a very similar style in navy. I layer a pullover and blazer over it and add fleece-lined stockings and ankle boots for a business casual look. Wear it again: to work, date, night out.

7. Steve Madden cognac combat boots ($99.95 + Free Shipping/Zappos) Good combat boots are worth the investment. They’re durable, comfortable, warm, and timeless – they’ve been hanging around the mainstream in some form or another for decades.

8. Monster clutch ($28.43 + free shipping/ASOS) It’s Halloween so have some fun and throw in a cute monster clutch to gobble up all the good trick-or-treating candy. Your kids won’t mind sharing if it means they get to “feed” the monster. Mwa-ha-ha. More candy for mommy!

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