What to Wear: Thanksgiving Day

Photos via retailers.
Photos via retailers.

By Kristin Hull

Here at The Mommy Stylist we take Thanksgiving seriously – which means we also take dressing for Thanksgiving seriously. After all, we want to enjoy the day and its culinary delights without having to sacrifice comfort or style. So, to create the perfect turkey day ensemble we must adhere to some strict criteria. Here are the questions we asked ourselves to make sure our outfit would be just right for all you moms out there:

1. Does this outfit allow for an expanding waistline? Let’s not deny that we’re going to eat too much, let’s embrace it by cunningly camouflaging any evidence. This leaves out any type of fitted garment or pants/skirts with non-stretchy waistlines.

2. Is there anything that will dangle into a hot pot or catch under feet while bending over to get something out of the oven? Working in the kitchen limits an outfit’s move-ability. We’ve got to deal with water, heat, reaching into cabinets, etc. so no maxi skirts or dangling necklaces.

3. Are there enough layers to account for varying temperatures? Can each layer stand on its own? Nothing creates sweat like working in a hot kitchen or mingling in a crowded room. But later, when evening sets in and the dishes are done you may feel that autumn chill. Therefore, one layer just won’t cut it. Your outfit must be able to handle temperature extremes. A sweater over a button-down fits the bill. Just be sure that the shirt underneath it is long enough to cover your lady bits (front and back) when you take the sweater off. Easy trick: Buy your shirt in “tall” for some added length. If you’d like even more coverage, tie said sweater around your waist for an instant peplum effect.

4. Will a mom be able to sit on the floor and play games without flashing anyone? Pants must be stretchy and comfortable. No low-rise pants or short skirts.

5. Is the outfit it stain-resistant? No whites, beiges or pastels allowed. But it isn’t necessary to go for the Goth look either. Color is a viable option. If you have younger (i.e. messier) kids around, you may opt for a darker shade than we have here. But, just in case, wear an apron when helping out in the kitchen and have a Tide to Go stick in on hand.

6. Can it be worn again? As a woman on a budget I am always thinking about how much use I can get out of an outfit. All of these items are versatile and functional enough to go almost anywhere – from a school setting to a business setting to a party setting.

Creating an outfit with that kind of criteria can be daunting but we’ve managed to locate some key pieces that will keep your tummy hidden, your temperature just right and your style on-trend. Happy eating!

Knit Sweater ($29.95/H&M): Love the color, love the length, love the versatility.

Mixed Stone Curb Chain Necklace (was $49.99, now $29.94/Express): It’s a holiday so a little bling is in order. Wear it like this.

Apron ($34.22/Etsy): Keep covered, look cute and make an important statement.

Gingham Button-Down (was $54.95, now $37.99/The Gap – free shipping over $50, free returns): Order this shirt in “tall” so that it will be long enough to wear with leggings. (There aren’t many left though so here is an alternative also available in tall sizes.) Also, tie the sweater around your waist for a little more coverage. Pull the collar out, push up the sweater sleeves a bit and roll up the shirt sleeves like this.

Patent Handbag (was $59.99/Express): Don’t fear the light color; patent easily wipes clean. And this neutral shade will work with any outfit or in any season.

Faux Suede Trousers ($79.90/Zara – free shipping both ways!): These pants have an elastic waistband – the better to eat food with!

Tall Boot ($88/Express – free returns!): Again, it’s the holidays! Throw on a pair of heels and make the day special. The thick heel on this boot will add comfort and stability.

Tide to Go ($6.89 for pack of three/Target): Get the three-pack and put one in your car, purse and/or diaper bag. As I said above, don’t waste your money on one of those cheaper no-name-brand versions; they don’t work. I speak from experience.

Booties ($44.99/Target): I’m going to buy these for the price, thick (comfy) heel and cool factor.

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