Ask TMS: Which Items Should A Mom Splurge On?

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers
Photos courtesy of retailers

Recently, we’ve had several requests asking which wardrobe items a mom should splurge on. Fortunately, lower-cost items are looking pretty good and lasting surprisingly long these days so there really aren’t too many pieces that require an investment. But, the few that do are things we can’t live without because, simply put, they protect us from the elements and keep us from being over-exposed. Think winter coats, winter boots, raincoats, bras and swimsuits.

Winter coats and boots

When it comes to protecting yourself from cold, wet, snowy weather, there’s no skimping. Depending on where you live, more or less coverage may be required, but regardless, quality is of utmost importance. Check out these still stylish, but totally wearable, coats and boots:

Faux-shearling coat ($150/Topshop – free shipping both ways!): I had a coat like this for years and it was incredibly warm. I also got compliments every time I wore it. Try it over a dress for the company holiday party or with jeans to the school holiday concert.

Sorel wedge boot ($239.95/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!): I don’t have these boots but I want them BAD. The reviews are stellar – comfortable, no slipping, grips the ground, etc. And they’re soooo stylish. Plus, the hidden wedge gives those of use who are vertically-challenged at lift. Available in alternate colors.

Tahari wool blend coat (was $400, now $135/Neiman Marcus Last Call): The gorgeous color of this coat will brighten even the dreariest winter day.The funnel neck, gold buttons and belt give it style. Also available in black.

Black and khaki woolen parka ($220/River Island): It’s hard to find stylish parkas but we love this two-tone version from River Island.

Grey and khaki quilted parka ($198/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!): Another coat that manages to combine fashion and function – a rare occurrence in the parka world.

Sorel Conquest Carly boot ($153-$220/Amazon): I want these boots too! When it’s time to pull out the big guns you don’t have to sacrifice fashion. They’re super cool and got some great reviews. Available in alternate colors.

Raincoats, bras and swimsuits, oh my!

Photos courtesy of retailers
Photos courtesy of retailers

Like winter coats, a good raincoat will be well worth the cost. Staying dry will not only keep colds at bay but also help you to maintain your composure while packing the car in a downpour after a muddy football practice.

Now, let’s talk bras. Contrary to what many think, what you wear underneath your clothes is vital to how you look. See my shameless post here that shows you how a good bra can make you look slimmer and perkier. The same goes for the sports bra which, like the everyday bra, goes through a lot of wear and tear. Additionally, sports bras need to be able to survive frequent washing so one that is well-made is an absolute must. (Correct washing and drying is vital to the life of a bra. Machine wash in a lingerie bag and air dry. Putting them in the dryer will ruin the elastic – quickly.)

And that brings us to swimsuits which have many of the same requirements. They must also retain their shape, stitching, elasticity and coverage. If any one of these fail, we’re in trouble. So anything less than the best is not an option. When you’re practically naked in public, it pays to spend more.

Leopard print raincoat (was $200, now $129.90/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!): Leopard print is always fashionable and sophisticated. It never goes out of style.

Happy Rainy Days short trench coat ($189/Amazon): A cute take on the classic trench. Love that the hood is removable. Available in 11 different colors/patterns.

Happy Rainy Days long raincoat ($189/Amazon): A long raincoat will help keep legs dry and warm. Available in alternate colors.

Natori Yogi convertable bra ($66/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!): Say goodbye to uni-boob with this Natori sports bra. I have one and I love it! I can throw a shirt over it after working out and run errands without looking like I have a football on my chest. Available in alternate colors.

Chantelle t-shirt bra ($69/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!): Sure, lacy bras are sexy but for everyday a woman needs a bra that is smooth and won’t show lumps or bumps under her shirt. Available in alternate colors.

Miraclesuit Rialto swimsuit ($174/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!): There’s nothing like a Miraclesuit to hold you in and lift you up. Think Spanx in a bathing suit. I am in love with mine and even feel, dare I say, confident in it.

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