How to Wear: Denim Shirts

By Kristin Hull

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The chambray/denim/blue jean shirt – whatever you call it, it’s infinitely cool, comfortable and versatile. They’re great on their own but can also be fantastic layering pieces. Try one over a dress or under a blazer, with just about any color, or peeking out from beneath a sweater or another shirt. You’ll wear it over and over and always look stylish.

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Now, let’s shop! (Click on photos for details.)

$18/Old Navy
Old Navy, $18
denim 3
6pm, $41.99
denim 4
Forever 21, $22.80
Land's End, $59
Land’s End, $59


denim 9
JC Penney, $34.99
J. Crew Factory, $39.50
J. Crew Factory, $39.50


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