Editor’s Note: New Year’s Fashion Resolutions

By Lisa Miller

A Mom's Motivational Quote
A Mom’s Motivational Quote

Each year I set a fashion goal for myself. Four years ago, I decided to confidently dress my maternity and post-baby body. Three years ago I created my personal style board in Power Point. (Today, I use Pinterest.) Two years ago I started incorporating color into my wardrobe. Last year, I set about getting comfortable mixing patterns and adding texture to my outfits. Each progressive year I found that not only was I attaining my goals, I was starting to feel happier and more like myself.

Setting a fashion goal can have long-lasting impact. Over time, you’ll figure out which styles work best with your particular shape; what colors, cuts, and patterns make you feel prettier and more confident; and the best ways to spend your wardrobe budget without wasting money on items that aren’t flattering or don’t make you feel good. Unlike that “I will lose 20 pounds this year!” goal we all spout off and few achieve, a fashion goal is easily attainable. You’ve already taken the first step by reading The Mommy Stylist, so why not put what you’ve learned into practice? Consciously decide to dress better; you will learn and adapt almost without noticing.

If looking thinner is your goal, please borrow my resolution: “This year, I will learn how to dress for my body type because it will help me feel better about the way I look – whether weight loss happens or not.” Now, there’s a goal worth achieving!


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2 thoughts on “Editor’s Note: New Year’s Fashion Resolutions

  1. I love the idea of having a fashion resolution every year.

    I never consciously did that and think my style just evolves as and how it is necessary to accommodate my lifestyle, eg now, with a 2.5 yo in tow, I no longer wear high heels and dryclean only dresses. Maybe I should find my own challenge. 🙂


    1. Hi Stef,

      Thanks for commenting!

      I find that with children, my personal style (or lack thereof) evolves of its own accord as well. Although, like you, I no longer opt for high heels and dryclean only dresses, I still want to dress my best (mommy lifestyle taken into account) and feel confident. I have to consiously address my style to make it happen. A fashion resolution helps keep me on track.

      Have you found your own challenge? We’d love to hear all about it. Afterall, soon enough it will be time to make new fashion resolutions and we could use a good challenge!

      Best, Lisa Miller http://www.mommystylistblog.com

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