Stylist’s Secret: Look Put Together Instantly With This One Trick

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of retailers.
Photos courtesy of retailers.

There’s a difference between getting dressed and dressing. The former is about simply covering the body while the latter is actually giving some thought to how you want to look. If that sounds like too much work, it’s not. In fact, it can all be accomplished with one word: accessorizing.

The frame analogy

Think of a picture with a basic, utilitarian frame. It’s fine but feels a bit drab, like the frame was an afterthought or like you really didn’t care much about it. However, if you pair it with a more dynamic frame the picture will actually look better. That’s what accessorizing does.

You’ll feel better about yourself

Just adding one interesting item to an outfit can make all the difference. It shows that instead of getting dressed in a stupor (which we all do once in a while) you actually took a moment (and that’s all it takes – a moment) to consider how you wanted to present yourself to the world that day. Simply “getting dressed” can appear sloppy but add a cool scarf or interesting belt and suddenly your present an image of self-love. Why? Because we know when we look sloppy, and we don’t like it. But when we feel put-together, even in a casual situation, we tend to stand taller, laugh more and exude confidence. We are taking care of ourselves – and we’re proud of ourselves for doing that.

Once you have a few key accessories in your arsenal you’ll be able to throw one or two on with any regular ‘ol mundane outfit and suddenly feel transformed.

What kind of accessories do I need?

In the photo above we’ve singled out some basic items that will help you accessorize quickly and easily. Try to put at least one interesting accessory on whenever you get dressed. A tiny pair of stud earrings won’t cut it though. An accessory doesn’t have to be a statement piece but it does need to be noticeable and add interest.

In the coming weeks we’ll be doing a “How To: Accessorize” post so if you need a little inspiration be sure to check back (or sign up for an email subscription on the top right-hand side of this page).

Now, let’s shop!

Scarf ($18.93/Asos – free shipping both ways!): If your aren’t a fan of this print, any patterned scarf will do, but because leopard print is always in style and always classy means you can wear it for years to come.

Hat (now $18.20, was $26/JC Penney)As you know, we at TMS are huge proponents of hats. They are one of the quickest and easiest ways to add style to an outfit. Added bonus: It saves you from having to do your hair!

Headband ($10/Amazon): Another way to cheat with your hair, besides wearing a hat, is to slide on a cool headband. It will look like you tried even though you didn’t!

Cuff ($22/Topshop – free shipping both ways!): An interesting cuff bracelet is all you need to amp up jeans and a t-shirt. Pair this one with flats instead of sneakers which are a bit to casual to work with it.

Ring ($15/Asos – free shipping both ways!): A couple of cool rings can be enough to make you look put-together.

Belt (now $19.99, was $39.99/Mango): What’s easier than putting on a belt? It alone will amp up your ensemble.

Watch ($22/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!)Sure, we all use our phones to check the time these days but why dig in your purse when you’ve got it right on your wrist? Plus, it counts as a bracelet so your accessory has functionality and style.

Cape ($38/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!): When you REALLY don’t have time to pull together a cute outfit cover it up with an uber-chic cape.

Earrings (now $9.99, was $19.99/Mango): Not too big, not too small, these hoops are perfect for day or night.

Short necklace ($30/Topshop – free shipping both ways!): We’re in love with this versatile necklace. Easily dress it up or down.

Long necklace ($22/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!): A long necklace works with almost any top. Like the short necklace it can easily be dressed up or down.

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