Favorite Fashionistas: Style Blogs With Outfits That Work For Moms

By Lisa Miller

As I flip through my bookmarked style blogs wondering what to write about this week, I realize the answer is scrolling before my eyes. Why not acquaint you with some of the stylish women I turn to for outfit and article inspiration?

My arsenal of fashionistas is organized into three collections: “Everymom;” “Supermom;” and “Specialized.” Allow me to introduce one icon from each category as part of this series.


The “Everymom” Collection

Chasing Davies
Images courtesy of Chasing Davies.

Megan of Chasing Davies showcases effortless style. She is always perfectly put-together in outfits that suit the mommy lifestyle. (Of course, she is the mom of two young kids and that could have something to do with it.) She looks comfortable and classy as she chases her children around in staple pieces that inhabit plenty of wardrobes. Her articles are upbeat and relatable. (“I love fashion and exerting my creativity through styling, but I’m also a mom, have a full-time job and live on a budget.”) Turn to Megan for real-life outfit ideas that “every mom” can pull off.


The “Supermom” Collection

NY Trendy Moms
Images courtesy of NY Trendy Moms.

I read Johnnybell’s, of NY Trendy Moms, articles and am stunned. How does she do it all? Between meetings, bi-lingual blogging, promoting, travelling, supporting her young daughters’ modeling careers, and buying and wearing such hot brands, it is amazing she still has the energy to dress and make herself up each day. Yet, each day there she is – smiling in a remarkable outfit, perfect eyebrows and lips, and stiletto heels. Are you beginning to see why Johnny’s blog falls into the “Supermom” collection? I aspire to one day have it as together as she does.


The “Specialized” Collection

Blake Von D
Images courtesy of Blake Von D.

Blake of Blake Von D is an excellent accessorizing inspiration and ALWAYS on-trend. Her style is fierce and sophisticated. I rocked some similar outfits pre-children and, when looking to feel a bit more like myself and less like a “mom,” I read Blake Von D for mostly mom-friendly ideas on just how to do that. A young law school student and style blogger, Blake is passionate about “the empowering of women in all their various walks of life,” a message The Mommy Stylist agrees with 100%.

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2 thoughts on “Favorite Fashionistas: Style Blogs With Outfits That Work For Moms

  1. I just started following your blog and THANK YOU! I am trying to update my look and keep seeing the same things on Pinterest over and over. Now I can follow these blogs and get a little more variety!

    1. Hi, thank you for reading! I hope our favorite fashionistas become some of yours as well. Good luck updating your look! If we can be of any help, send us questions at themommystylist [at] mommystylist [dot] com. We love questions and make an effort to reply as quickly as possible. If we feel the answer will benefit many of our readers, we may share via a Ask The Mommy Stylist article.

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