What to Wear: Valentine’s Day/Date Night

By Lisa Miller

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The day for lovers has arrived; take some time off from being just mom. Today, embrace the roles of wife and lover as well. True, you may have the kids in tow during the day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up, spend time together, and (after packing the kids off to sleep) have a low-key, low-cost, sexy date with your man.

Looking for the ideal outfit for your special night? The outfit above meets all the requirements. It’s budget friendly, practical, flattering, flirty, and perfect for Valentine’s Day. First, dig through your closet for the basic building blocks: black tights, skinny belt, and knee-high boots. Next, focus on the statement pieces: (faux) leather jacket and heart printed dress. Accessorize with a cute bag, cocktail ring, and long chain necklace.

Remember to pull out that lingerie you’ve been saving for a day when you feel “sexy enough to wear it.” It’s here. All dressed up just for him. How could he resist you? (He can’t, of course, hence the aforementioned children in tow.) Since you put so much thought into your outfit today, he’ll spend all day wondering  just what you’re wearing underneath. Go get him!

Low-Key, Low-Cost Date Ideas

If you’re not in the mood for the impersonal chocolates and roses this year, and the budget doesn’t allow for a diamond tennis bracelet, fear not! We have some cute date ideas that will fit the bill and make your day special.

  1. Go on a bike ride, bring a take-out picnic and wine.

  2. Build a fort, stock with snacks and wine, look at old photos from dating and reminisce.

  3. Take a bath together.

  4. Have a living room dance party.

  5. Head to little Osaka for a private karaoke room.

Wear it Again

The basics (black tights, skinny belt, and knee-high boots) can be worn time and again. If you don’t already have them in your wardrobe, consider investing.

The black and white heart print dress is grown-up enough to work into your look more than just one day a year. Add it to a casual work wardrobe; wear it to brunch with family or friends; to the museum; or out for coffee. The style, despite the unsightly elastic waist (cleverly covered up with the belt) is flattering. It will skim over the tummy and end at the thinnest part of the upper leg. The gathered neckline will be flattering on many bust sizes.

The leather jacket can be worn casually or to the office. Wear it with flouncy or lacy, t-shirt, or fancy dresses. Try it with jeans or leggings. A good (faux) leather jacket can almost function as a basic.

Fun, low-cost accessories are a great way to add style to a look without breaking the bank.

Shop With TMS

Red faux leather jacket ($49.99/Amazon) Draw the eye and give a nod to the color of love with this red leather jacket.

Heart-print dress ($29.99/Mango) This grown-up graphic heart-print dress is flattering and flirty. The material will skim over problem areas and flatter many bust sizes. Just be sure to disguise the cheesy elastic waistband with a belt.

Layered tassel necklace ($10.90/Forever21) Cheap, but not cheap-looking, this necklace can be worn again with jeans, a basic tee and a blazer.

Cocktail ring ($4.80/Forever21) Add a touch of glam with this classic style cocktail ring.

Black skinny belt ($29.95/Amazon) If not already in your closet, a black skinny belt is worth investing in. It can add definition to your figure, often making you look thinner.

Tights ($12.37/Amazon) If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm weather climate, then these are optional. If not, throw on a pair of tights to keep the goose-bumps at bay.

Quilted clutch ($9.95/H&M) Finish off your sexy ensemble with a cool clutch.

Knee-high boots ($44.90/Forever21) Black knee-high boots should always be in your wardrobe. They make your legs look longer, work with many outfits, and will create a put-together look instantly. This wedge will be easy to move around in while providing more sex appeal than a flat.


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