Personal Style Board: Allyn Wise, TMS 2015 Styling Session Giveaway Winner

By Lisa Miller

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Left: Work wardrobe creates an hourglass figure with structured cuts. Source.
Right: Casual wardrobe is relaxed and less curve-conscious. Source.

When it comes to fashion, Allyn Wise (this year’s styling session winner) navigates two very different worlds. We asked her to create a style board in order to get a feel for what kinds of outfits interest her. What we found is that she is drawn to two distinct aesthetics.

On the few days she heads into the office for work or more formal occasions, Allyn steers toward structured, feminine attire consisting of classic button-downs and full skirts, a modern take on Dior’s New Look. When working from home or spending time with her family, she relies on more casual combos like jeans and sweaters layered with a relaxed blazer or blanket wrap.

Allyn’s fashion hardship may stem not from the lack of budding outfit ideas when it comes time to head into the office as previously supposed, but rather from the idea that her work and casual wardrobe preferences are so different from one another. Perhaps there is a way to create a happy marriage between these two seemingly opposing styles, resulting in a unified wardrobe that will allow for many more outfit options.

With this goal in mind, The Mommy Stylist Editor-in-Chief, Kristin Hull, and I will each create a unique outfit based upon Allyn’s fashion preferences and lifestyle. We’ll post our looks in the coming weeks so stay tuned to see what we come up with; it may just provide some inspiration for you too!

See this and more at WWW.MOMMYSTYLIST.COM!
Stripes, especially horizontal stripes, are a style motif.
Left: source; right: source.
See this and more at WWW.MOMMYSTYLIST.COM!
Statement necklaces have a way of tying together a whole look.
Allyn never underestimates the power of aesthetic to create the perfect figure.
Left: Source; Right: Source.
Start neutral, add a pop of bright color or unexpected animal print for interest.

To see more inspiration outfits from Allyn’s style board click here.

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