Ask TMS: How To Look Cool When It’s Hot

By Kristin Hull


Photos courtesy of retailers.
Photos courtesy of retailers.

Dear Mommy Stylist,

I live in Dallas, Texas… And in the near future it’s going to be HOT, then it will be unbelievably hot, then intolerably HOT! I love when outfits are layered with a blazer or scarf but during the summer here it’s just not an option. Do you have any tips on looking put together with a toddler and 100+ degrees? Thanks!!


Dear Bonnie,

You’ve come to the right place as I lived in Dallas for 13 years so I completely understand the type of heat you’re talking about. Just as you said, blazers and scarves aren’t even an option. You need the least amount of material touching your body at all times. And you must be able to deal with a toddler which requires almost acrobatic abilities, so nothing too short or constricting.

Here are some quick tips for dressing to stay cool, looking cool and bearing the heat:

  • Since you want to be as close to naked as possible without looking sleazy, you’ll at least have to wear a top and bottom or a dress, right? Because you won’t be wearing much more, make these pieces the stars of your outfit. Look for tops, bottoms and dresses that have a unique shape or interesting details and/or an eye-catching pattern or color.
  • Wear light, loose fabrics.
  • Worried about hot-weather hair? Throw on a hat. It hat will not only hide the frizz but protect you from harmful rays. Or, put your locks in a cute and super easy sock bun. (See our “How To” video here.)
  • If you’re not having a particularly interesting outfit day, accessorize with hats, jewelry (the kind little fingers can’t grab – like stud earrings), fun shoes, a great bag or a cool pair of sunglasses. (Read this to find out how to easily change out your purses.)
  • Sometimes, in the heat, I feel a little naked in just a tank top and shorts. Maybe it’s just me. But, if you’re in need of extra coverage on a scorching day layer a kimono (a major spring/summer trend) or a drapey vest over your outfit. They will add style and make you feel less exposed.
  • Rompers and overalls are both very “in” right now. But be careful that the bottom part isn’t too short. You don’t want to give everyone a show each time you pick up your toddler.
  • Fortunately, maxi AND midi skirts are en vogue right now so go with whichever you like best (or both!). They won’t show your goods if you bend over and and they can be easily adjusted to allow yourself to sit comfortably on the ground.
  • Loose shorts work well in the heat. Again, just make sure they aren’t too short.
  • Tie a button down around your waist. Yep, use a shirt as an accessory (see examples here). Like the vest or kimono, it will help you feel a bit covered up, if necessary. Plus, you’ll be prepared when the air conditioning is on full-blast.
  • You can never go wrong with a sundress, especially when there’s no time to think about putting an outfit together. Add a shirt around your waist, or a kimono or vest if you’re going to be in the air conditioning at some point.

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