Dress To Look (And Feel) Thinner

By Lisa Miller

Inspired by our New Year’s Fashion Resolutions, we decided to do a quick “dress thinner” tutorial. Contrary to what you may think, a wardrobe overhaul isn’t necessarily required to improve your look. By simply defining your waistline you can easily create a slimmer physique. It won’t take designer duds or a major spending spree; simply take a look at your current clothing with new eyes. Creating a waistline is easy and it will have a lasting effect on how you feel about yourself.


How can you define your waistline with an already existing outfit? Try some of these solutions:

  • A structured blazer buttoned at the waist will hug curves.
  • Belt it! Adding a belt at your waistline will draw the eye in and make you appear thinner.
  • Create some contrast. A white t-shirt tucked casually into black jeans is always flattering. The visual contrast between the black waistband and white T-shirt draws the eye to your waist.
  • Try a trompe l’oeil, which means to “deceive the eye.” Emphasize the bust and hips to make the waist look smaller. A ruffly top and an A-line skirt will do the trick.

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