How To Accessorize Every Neckline

By Lisa Miller

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The Charming Charlie Neckline Cheat Sheet offers visual inspiration for pairing a necklace with every neckline.

Accessorizing is an affordable way to complete an outfit and freshen a wardrobe full of time-honored classics, while remaining trendy. Costume necklaces are available for a steal from our favorite stores- Kohl’s, Target, Forever 21 . . . you name it.  The “I can’t wear necklaces because I can never find one I like in my budget” excuse doesn’t fly. So, why aren’t more moms taking advantage of this quick and easy way to accessorize?

We asked around and it seems that a lot of women just aren’t sure which necklaces and necklines work together. There are so many styles available, but which to chose? Charming Charlie answers this question with “The Neckline Cheatsheet” above. And we explain below:

1. The Ballet Neck

Pair ballet shirts with necklaces that mimick the neckline.

2. The Crew Neck

Draw attention away from this harsh cut, and towards a shapely neck and face, by adding a collar or Peter Pan-style necklace.

3. The Button Down

Always run the necklace strands under the collar, never inside. Choose a statement necklace to add style to your ensemble. For the office, a statement necklace is the equivalent of the power tie.

4. The Scoop Neck

Create a layered look with a necklace following the curve of the scoop neck shirt.

5. The Strapless

A large draped, layered, or intricate necklace adds interest to this otherwise simple neckline.

6. The Boatneck

Compliment the width of the boatneck with a lengthy necklace.

7. The Cowl Neck

Yes, you can accessorize a cowl! Choose a medallion or charm on a short chain.

8. The Turtle Neck

Turtle necks cry for  sparkle. Complete this outfit with any style necklace. A turtle neck is a “blank canvas.”

9. The V-Neck

Keep your necklace inside the V of the V-neck. Fill the space with a flashy statement necklace or keep it simple.

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