Quick and Easy Mom-Friendly Resistance Exercises Can Help Improve Self-Esteem

Jessica Buntain, Owner and Lead Instructor of JB Group Fitness, shares mom-friendly exercises and proper form for boosting self-confidence.
Jessica Buntain, owner and lead Instructor of JB Group Fitness, shares mom-friendly exercises and proper form for boosting self-esteem.

Guest blogger and fitness fanatic, Jessica Buntain, owner and lead instructor of JB Group Fitness, is as passionate about helping moms feel good about themselves as we are. While we focus on doing that through fashion, her focus is on fitness. We can’t thank her enough for putting together these quick and easy exercises that are definitely doable, no matter how busy you are. 

By Jessica Buntain

As a group fitness instructor who also works part time as a nanny (25 hours a week), I must say, moms amaze me! I chase after children for five hours a day and go home to find myself sprawled out on the couch moaning over my sore body. How you ladies are able to do this 24 hours a day, you must have super powers! Go, you!

Even with super powers to keep up with the kids all day long, I have noticed one thing that my mom friends lack – time to take care of themselves. Without that, things like diet, spending quality time with loved ones, and exercise tend to go out the window which can, in turn, lead to lower self-esteem.

Resistance training can increase self-esteem

According to an article in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Certified News Journal, resistance exercises can increase self-esteem in women. So, in order to give back to all the hard-working moms out there, I’d like to suggest some resistance training exercises that can easily fit into your busy schedule (although these exercises are not meant to replace regular physical activity).

It doesn’t take much to get started

Like all good things in life, taking baby steps in the right direction leads to success. With this idea in mind, below are three resistance exercises that can easily be integrated into  a busy mom’s schedule as well as suggestions as to when you can squeeze them in. Remember, it is key to properly tighten the abs for correct form and safety while performing these exercises.

1. Calf Raises – while doing dishes

2. Squats – while brushing your teeth or putting laundry into the washer/dryer

3. Push Ups – while playing on the floor with your child, or waiting for the microwave or water to boil while cooking

When you first begin an exercise regimen, you don’t need to dive into Insanity to start gaining positive health benefits. It is important to emphasize proper form over number of repetitions. Twelve to fifteen repetitions is a good number to aim for in the beginning. As you get stronger, try to gradually add more repetitions and/or additional resistance exercises to your day. A good resource for finding new resistance exercises can be found here.

*Tip: If you do not have dumbbells, you can use water bottles filled with rocks or sand.

*Tip: If you have room in the bottom pocket of your stroller, it may be beneficial to keep a pair of weights in it so you can easily pull them out for a quick set of bicep curls while your kids play at the park.

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