Mom Street Style: Company Picnic

By Kristin HullSabrina 2

 Who: Sabrina, mom of twins, a girl and a boy, age 5

Where we spotted her: At her company picnic

Why we love her outfit: Not only is it cute on it’s own, but perfectly appropriate for the occasion. The company picnic outfit is a tough one. You want to look professional but not like you can’t relax once in a while. However, location and weather must also be taken into consideration. If it’s sunny, will there be shade somewhere or do I need to wear a hat? How hot will it be? Boob sweat and business do not mix well. For her situation, Sabrina hit a home run.

Why it works:

  • She looks modern and stylish. A-line and full skirts are on trend right now. The pretty pattern makes it flirty and fun.
  • The layered t-shirts are a great touch; wearing two instead of just one adds visual interest.
  • She accessorized! Too many moms dismiss accessorizing as unnecessary but it is vital if you want to look put-together. Sabrina keeps it balanced by wearing only one bold piece (the necklace) and keeping the rest of her jewelry subdued (the skinny bracelet, stud earrings and neutral watch). Accessories are not just for when you’re headed to a special event. In fact, they’re probably more important when donning casual clothes as they’ll amp up your outfit. When you’re dressed up you already look put-together because you’re in nicer clothes, full make-up, heels, etc. It’s the casual ensembles that need a little lift. There are plenty of accessories out there – at very low prices – that will work with a variety of every day outfits. (Want more help with accessorizing? Check out our tutorials: “How To: Accessorize Every Neckline” and  “How To: Accessorize”.)
  • Her cute, fashionable sandals are versatile, comfortable and will keep feet cool. It’s easy enough to find  inexpensive sandals these days so don’t let price be your excuse for ruining a perfectly good outfit.
  • Sunglasses just somehow make everyone look cooler.  And they offer function in addition to style. Like jewelry and sandals, it’s not hard to find an affordable pair.
  • Hair and make-up are simple and effortless. A ponytail will help keep you from overheating (see “boob sweat” above). Make-up should be minimal; a soft-colored lipstick or swipe of gloss is all you really need.

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